Monday, 5 May 2008


It's been so long since I updated, work, home, being poorly and squeeing has taken up my all too little time to play. That, and i've become incredibly boring. :P The job is busy and i'm still getting used to it, and is causing havoc at the moment with my asthma. So unfortunatley not a lot of time to play.

BUT, I do have some good news, some very good news. :) Linz and I are finally going to get a chance to visit the set of Stargate Atlantis. I still can't quite believe it, it's all a bit surreal at the moment. Hopefully i'll have some more details over the next week or so, but at the moment i'm in 'bouncy and don't quite believe it's going to happen' mode. And to top it off, I and a good friend Linz get to have lunch with Joe Flanigan. Yep, still not sinking in. I have so many questions, i'm like that annoying child who questions everything, I just hope that when we finally get to Vancouver, I can keep a reign on my enthusiasm.

What's always fascinated me is how the show is put together, and to see the set up close and personal just makes me speechless. Me, speechless, that's got to be a first. :)

But to see the set and hopefully see behind the scenes and how things are put together to make the episode just is such an exciting prospect. I've wanted this for so long, so it seems like a dream at the moment, and someone is going to pinch me and i'll wake up.

*doing my happy dance*

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Oh poor neglected blog, how i've missed you!

After nearly a year of waiting, the Pegasus 3 convention finally arrived! Here was the chance to meet my whumping buddies and meet some of the actors from Stargate Atlantis. The guests; Andee Frizell, Kavan Smith, Dean Marshall, Tori Higginson and Paul McGillion arrived at the meet and greet in high spirits, we also had a bonus guest of Johnathon Woodward (no comment there). The SGA actors were pleasent, charming and very funny. Each of them had their own sense of humour and anecdotes to share along with some lovely juicy spoilers. One guest (no names mentioned to protect the guilty) accidently gave away a big part of a plot for The Last Man (bless their little cotton socks, they were mortified, and proceeded to bash their heads against the wall when they realised what had been said). Suffice to say the fans loved it and the display of panic and shock that followed. I won't reveal it, as it could potentially spoil you too much, so my lips are firmly sealed, but I will say this, I think we're in for a great treat!

Now you lot know i've got a memory of a goldfish and to be honest I have enough trouble remembering what day it is, let alone what people had to say in a three day convention. Sorry. Alipeeps did a fantastic write up of the convention, so if you literally want to know the ins and outs of what happened, you might want to head on over there. The one thing I did notice, and let's face it, those that attended can attest to it, was that Paul M, was alas not a true Scot! Shame on you Paul! Oh yes, he gave us a quick flash as he hopped up onto a bed, but a girl can tell a true Scot! ;) What was the bed doing there? Well it certainly felt like a whumping crew convention, so maybe they wanted us to feel at home! Bless.

So, finally meeting up with Linz, Sheppy D, Listy, Bebop, Ali, Squonk, Red Phoenix and puddle jumper it was so nice to put faces to names, particularly as we'd been talking on line for so long. Let's just say they're exactly the same in real life as they are online, well maybe we squee more in real life. Hehehe. The other good thing about the convention is that I was chosen to play 'Dial or no dial' by way of raffle. I never expected to get picked and certainly never expected to have my face plastered on the big screen. *Note to self: no steroid injections for the forseeable future* :P

So, there I was on the big stage, playing with the ducks (that could potentially be mine if I didn't win), and to be honest after losing a tonne of money early on, it was looking very likely. I was however convinced that I would win tickets to the Pegasus 4 convetion, so much so, that I kept telling the compare that my spideysense was tingling. I don't think he believed me! Especially after I had a run of bad luck and lost pretty much all the top prizes except for the tickets to the next convention! After a whole 15 minutes on tenderhooks, the last box was finally revealed and I won the ticets! Woohooooo! For me that meant more than all the other prizes put together, however I did lose the Joe Flanigan photo! *insert a primordial scream of despair* :P

So, what's happening on the work front? You know this whole big boss thing is not exactly how I imagined it to be. Lots of stuff going on, and not all of it is pleasant. So with all that going on, my squee is fading fast. There's a hearing to start today regarding a member of staff, that isn't any longer my staff because of circumstances, needless to say yours truly has been accussed of some nasty stuff, and i've not even met them! Doesn't it boggle the mind that you can be accused of something that you've never done? I've been accused of discrimination, harrassment and bullying and i've managed to achieve this without even meeting or talking to the individual involved. What can I say, it's a knack! I've been told through the hearing that the person who instigated the complaint doesn't like women bosses and despises the fact that i'm not only a woman, but i'm young to boot! To be honest the whole thing is laughable especially considering i'm being accused of something that he's actually doing. Ahhh the irony of it all! Unfortunately though, because it's classed as a formal complaint, we have to go through the motions. I told my new boss that this must be some kind of record, i've not even been in the job two months, have never met them and yet......... i've been reliably informed that this is why I get paid the big bucks, to put up with this sort of stuff.

So while i'm on a rant... the news relating to the cast shake up for season 5 is out, and to say I have mixed feelings is a bit of an understatement, and I did have a major overreaction to the new appointed leader of Atlantis, which has now been confirmed as Robert Picardo! Due to Amanda Tapping's new series, she has stepped down which has resulted in the character Richard Woolsey taking over. First reaction is i'm not a happy camper, personnaly I loved RP's character in Star Trek, and for me what I find difficult when characters come into play, is that they have to be believeable in that particular role. With Richard Woolsey, sorry I just don't see him as having the ability to command such a large community in the midst of battle, and as a friend said, Richard Woolsey in leather is just wrong on so many levels. LOL.

The character is a bit panicky, can occasionaly be a muppet and for me cannot cope with the demands that a leader must possess. Everything that's been written about his character so far suggests that, so for me it's a bit unbelievable and to be honest has me feeling a tad nervous. I'm normally one to go with the flow and look at the positive aspects of change, but I mean it's WOOLSEY!! My whumping buddies have been telling me it could be great for angst potential and butting heads with the team and specifically with Shep, BUT, it's Woolsey! I keep repeating it like a mantra in the hopes i'll get used to it, as yet, I just can't imagine it. Throughout the changes i've never been disappointed in what TPTB had put forward save for a few exceptions *cough*Kelleer*cough* and i'm trying to like her, really I am, but I don't know what it is about her that I'm not fond of. It's not even as if I dislike the character, it's simply that for me she doesn't add anything, and I miss Beckett. I think maybe for me I've not seen that 'caring side of her' yet. Maybe I need for her to take care of Shep! What? Don't look at me that way, i'm a whumper and a shallow one at that. :P

Beckett for me had those caring, sweet qualities, and told the team off when they didn't do as they told, and he had a 'quality' about him that i've yet to find in Jewel Staite's character. I did enjoy the episode 'Missing' so maybe there's still hope for me. At this point, i'm just meh about it all. And then to top it off, I hear that Michael Shank's character from SG1 is coming over for a couple of episods. Hmmph! I did love SG1, and adored the character Daniel Jackson for a long time, but for me his character evolved to a point where he had changed too much, and I went off him. So for him to come over for one ep, let alone two? I'm not fond off, hopefully i'll be pleasantly suprised and i'll adore the ep, but at the moment i'm not too keen.


As I can't end the post on a negative point, so.........

Ahhhhhh all is right with the world again! :D Let me just say this one thing before you fall asleep (that is if you haven't already).
I absolutely adored Outcast, that aired in the US on Friday. There was just so much feeling of love, that it just melted my heart. But, I think i've said too much today, so i'll save that for a few days. Suffice to say if you haven't watched it, you really need to, as it's 42 minutes of pure enjoyment.