Friday, 27 April 2007


Since our friends in the US watched Irresponsible last night, I thought i'd be good and watch it again and see if my thoughts on the ep had changed somewhat from my original post on the subject. Alas it hasn't.

The premise of the ep had so much potential, but it just didn't pan out for me. From what JM said about the ep he feels the same way the fans do, which in a way is a small comfort. What I enjoyed about the Koyla/Sheppard story arc was the excitement an unpredictability of their relationship (for want of a better term). Each of them doing what they do best; fighting and defending their people for things they believed in. Their characters personalities are not dissimilar and both Robert Davi (Kolya) and Joe Flanigan's characters play off each other extremely well. That charismatic interplay between them, gives the viewers an element of surprise at what's to come next, which in turn keeps us on our toes. Each time they've come up against each other, it has played out in such a way, where you don't know who's going to win the fight. And that keeps the arc interesting. Kolya was Sheppard's nemesis and it seemed only fitting that retribution should be sought after the actions of Kolya in Common Ground. And Sheppard's promise to 'kill him on sight' was said with such vehemence that the viewer new that the next time they met, Sheppard would finish Kolya off, on his terms.

So when I found out that Kolya was going to be in this episode, I was ecstatic to see the 'showdown'. I'd heard of the wild west theme, and although it sounded a bit corny it was something that I had longed to see; Sheppard finally getting redress. BUT as it turned out (or so it felt to me), the Kolya angle seemed like a 'B plot', and the euphoria at longing to see these two finally fighting it out fell flat. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the Lucius storyline. I actually enjoyed Irresistible for the most part, but I certainly didn't believe that his character warranted a second episode and certainly not with Kolya. Yes dark and light episodes do work most of the time with both SG1 and SGA, and I love the Stargate humour 99.9% of the time, but this? This was can I put it diplomatically? Crap! Sorry, I tried.

It was disappointing to say the least. We lost a good foe to this and while the whole 'no one dies in Sci Fi' may afford us the opportunity to see Kolya again in future eps; either in an AU type ep, or as part of Shep's issues. I sincerely doubt it. At the very least, Kolya will hopefully get a mention if, sorry, when we see the CG Wraith again :D. I suppose after watching Common Ground, and seeing how the whole storyline shone with every element, I was expecting that same kind of pizazz from this and I didn't. :(

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Nightmare on Atlantis Street

I love the psychological aspect of people, how they talk, their actions all their little mannerisms that make them who they are. While i'm no psychology expert it doesn't stop me from speculating why people do what they do. Everyone has a dark side, and apparently Stargate Atlantis's is coming to the forefront in the form of 'darker' episodes. And hopefully this in turn will allow us to see the darker sides of our characters and how they react to certain situations.

When confronted by something that is totally unexpected, each persons response to that situation is different. Like the fight or flight response, your instincts stem believe it or not from the prehistoric era. :o) It's an inbuilt safety mechanism that the brain produces to either fight the danger head on or avoid any confrontation. The chemical that's released into our body during the time of stress hones all our senses, and diminishes the body of feeling pain. Which is probably why our Shep doesn't tend to feel the effects the same way as McKay does (bless him). So what the heck has this got to do with Atlantis going dark, I hear you ask...

Well, over the course of Season 4 we're hoping to see our characters pushed to their limits both emotionally and physically. As this takes place over the course of season 4, we'll be afforded the opportunity into looking into their psyche and seeing how they cope when pushed to the limit. Will it make them stronger or will they fold under the pressure? From JM's poem, it's clear that the characters emotions are going to be like a rollercoaster ride, with angst, pain, regret and self doubt being at the forefront of their character develpment. From what we've learned about Doppleganger, this episode will focus on the nightmares of our characters; each of whom have deep seated issues about certain things.

We've been speculating (wildly of course) ;o) about what effect these nightmares will have on our team. For me, I love to see a different side of a persons character that's not prominantly displayed in the show on a regular basis. And usually the only time we get to see a different side of them is when there are mitigating circumstances that bring that aspect of their personality to the surface. So to have an episode that focus's on their deep seated fears is very attractive in a weird kind of way, lol. Normally we have our heroes battling demons every day, which I love, but we never get to 'see' what that effect has on them.

Now I completely understand that our characters can't have a meltdown after every mission, :o) but like it or not, our experiences be they good or bad do affect our personality and can turn any rational person into a nut job. Paranoia and mistrust can occur when someone is pushed to the edge, and if you bury it for too long without dealing with it, those 'issues' have a way of coming to the surface. I'm hoping that those 'issues', which occur when things go wrong (and that help to define us), will show up in the Doppleganger ep. That inturn will enable us to get a more indepth look at how our characters minds work, and why they behave the way they do. And what I love about these types of episodes is that they allow the viewer to see that the characters are human...unless they're Wraith of course ;o)

So tomorrow's Stargate episode is 'Irresponsible', and I think this is a good example of someone reaching their limits when pushed too far. I won't bore you needlessly until tomorrow and trust me when I say that i'll have a few things to say about the ep!

Ooooh I ended on a rant! Can't have that now can we? Then allow me to finish with this one word.


For those that have no clue why i'm so excited about season 4, you might want to check out the answer JM gave lil ol' me and the whumping crew about Doppleganger :o) And for those that don't know what *squee* is check out Josie's article which she did for when CG was airing(pictured above) and it will explain everything :o)

Monday, 23 April 2007

That thing we call life.

The thing I love about the fandom is the passion that goes with it. We love to get excited about our show, and speculate about what’s to come in the up and coming seasons, so much so that on occasions we get a little too excited. How can one possible get themselves in a tizzy over a TV show? Very simple. Pull up a chair and grab a coffee, this might take a while. :o)

A lot of people within the ‘fandom’ have real life issues. So for them, their fandom *insert fandom of choice here* ;o) is a way of escaping the crap that we call real life. In this wonderful imaginary world that we escape to, we can let go of our everyday problems and feel secure in the knowledge that we can get lost in the moment for one hour a week. Or if you're completely obsessive ten hours a week ;) We can envisage what will happen to our favourite characters, and what fate has in store for them, and they in turn can take us on a little adventure thousands of miles away from the problems some people face on a daily basis. As time moves on, we get to know who the characters are and what makes them tick, and gradually we learn about their little foibles and what defines them. The same can also be said for friends that you discover online.

As you get to know your fellow posters, you learn to see beyond the post and see the person; not just an opinion on the thread that you’re posting in. You learn to get to know that person’s style and if they’re having an off day. Sometimes this one ‘off day’ can bring a thread to it’s knees. Scary, but true. People’s emotions can affect a thread’s ‘mood’ (for want of a better terminology) and usually you find that as soon as a thread gets some exciting news, they go a bit nuts, and tend to get swept up in the wave of emotions.

When the information comes from a viable source, your excitement tends to go up ten notches, especially when that news is something you’ve longed for *cough*hot and sweaty semi-nekkid Shep*cough*. ;o) But when that programme airs, and it’s not lived up to your expectations, (because you’ve speculated to the point of no return) then it can have devastating affects. Okay I’m being a bit dramatic here, lol, but you get the point. ;o)

I suppose, what i'm trying to say in my usual rambling way, is that the fandom should be a place to go and bond with other like-minded individuals. It's not just about that exciting bit of information, or you're favourite character. It's about getting away from the harsh realities of life and letting your imagination run free for a short time. Sometimes you do need to get caught up in the moment to remember that life is there to live and enjoy, so enjoy it.

And remember if you see someone without a smile, give them yours :o)

So much for my cheeky blog, this is getting far too serious for me, time to lighten the moment and dive into the gutter. Didn't I say at one time, I was going to talk about hot, sweaty nekkid Shep? :o). Well, I have since obtained some pics that have spurred me on a lil bit more in my quest, and while they're not exactly Shep, it's probably as close as we're going to get. ;o)

Pics are from Dawson's creek... I won't even go into detail of the table scene *cough*

*has a fangirl moment*

*waves to the gutter*

*dives in * :o)

Friday, 20 April 2007

Bonding - Atlantis style

The one thing i've grown to love about Atlantis over the last three years is watching the relationships develop within the team. As the seasons have progressed we've been afforded the good fortune of seeing how our characters have changed from one dimension to three. And considering that Atlantis has just now completed its third year, the analogy seems quite apt. :o)

Appropriately this is what has been needed to establish who our characters are, what their strengths and weaknesses are and how they relate to each other. Something that the whump thread has been discussing in great detail today. Shame on all of you who think we just talk about how to whump Sheppard ;o)

So as Echoes airs tonight, I find myself joining in the squee with my US friends. This episode personifies exactly what a great show Atlantis is. When we were all desperately awaiting Season 3, we were given so little information on it, that people naturally assumed (from what I remember) that it was going to be either one of the best eps or one of the worsts. And like all good Atlantis fans do, they assume the worst and hope for the best. It has to be said though that this is not all Atlantis fans, just those that have decided that no matter what Atlantis produces it will never be up to their expectations...see my previous post about how I feel on that subject! And i'm not the only one who has had enough of the constant complaining and moaning minnies of the Atlantis world. I digress....

Where was I? Oh yes, Echoes! *sorry i'm having a McKay moment.* :o)

What I loved about this episode is that it seemed to build upon the friendship between Shep and McKay. And the banter/chemistry Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett have on screen absolutely shines through in these types of episodes; this one was no exception. I have to say it kind of reminded me of Irresistible, when they had their fan boy moment over Catwoman! Classic. I think tptb struck gold when they put these two together. For some reason, and it has been asked a few times, why in Season 2 the writers got away from the banter. No one seemed to know why. Thank goodness they amended their error in judgement and we have the boys back on form again!

Male friendships on TV will always work well, when the characters are written as polar opposites, but if you watch closely both have certain personality traits in common. Shep is secretly geeky ;o) who enjoys indulging McKay in his little obsessions, like the whales, playing chess and talking about Batman. But I think it's unlikely that we'll see that side of him with the others (Teyla, Ronon, and Lizzie) as it seems to be a bond between the two of them, that's shared usually in private (and I don't mean that in a slash kind of way). For me it shows how comfortable Sheppard is with McKay and it's clear that when they're together, McKay sees the good, the bad and the ugly, and vice versa. And that only tends to happen when you're family. One thing I don't think we'll ever see in Atlantis, is the boys getting mushy. I have to say I don't want to see that, because it would just come off as cheesy. They don't tell each other they care, because let's face it, they're men!

Nuff said. ;o)

For all Shep's complaining about Rodney, it's so evident that he cares, because he makes a point of protesting too much, such as in Sateda and the Ark. Likewise with McKay, in The Defiant One, Aurora, and Common ground. When his friend is in danger, he loses the 'geeky' persona and does what's necessary to protect his friend. And when you're family is in trouble, you do whatever it takes to get them out of it.
So, for me this is why I think I enjoyed Echoes so much. We had lots of bonding, not only between the boys, but we also had some nice Ronon and Teyla moments. Both have come together thorough unorthodox ways, and they've started to become good friends. Ronon seems to be losing some of his hostility as he settles down more, and I think Teyla's meditation classes are starting to pay off. ;o)
What I enjoyed in Echoes;
  • The jumper scene with Ronon, Zelenka and Shep.
  • Ronon falling asleep and snoring while Teyla teaches him how to mediate.
  • McKay putting his case to Lizzie about the ZPM and the 20 page email.
  • Flagisalus and identifying the sex of the whale *giggles*
  • McKay naming his whale, Sam and Shep's protests because it's creepy. :lol:
  • The balcony scene between Sheppard and McKay when he sees the whale.
  • Geeky Shep rushing off to see the whales and McKay running after him.
  • The whump and the infirmary scene.
  • Sheppard and McKay shouting and escaping.
  • Their expressions at escaping Carson's clutches.
  • McKay trying to be all military in the corridor.
  • Shep coming up with a plan, and McKay telling him just what a bad plan it was :lol:

I could be here all night! If I had said I enjoyed everything about this ep, it would have saved me a lot of time. But I have the pen chance to go off on a tangent... hence my very long winded fanfiction ;o)

I've always strived to be a good boss, and if I were any more laid back i'd fall off my chair. Whenever you become a new manager, you tend to learn from your superiors. Not me. I have my own style, and while it's not everybody's, for me it means I get the most out of the people that work for me. Their's a little thing called trust. You have to trust your staff and give them a bit of flexibility or you stifle them. And if they respect you then you're half way there to becoming a good manager.

Every team leader has their ups and downs with staff, especially if you work with them for long hours. Given that you spend more time with them, than you do with your own family it's normal to build up a bond with those you work with. I look out for my staff, just like they look out for me. I've seen them at their very highest and their lowest, because my job is to protect them and guide them as they move on. When they're having a rough time, they get a pep talk and a swift gentle kick in the kaboose. But at the end of the day, there are times when I have a bad day and they're there for me. And believe it or not, I'm not perfect. :eek: I make mistakes and they like that, because no one is perfect.

That's something i'd love to see explored on the show more; letting Sheppard make mistakes, and then agonising over those decisions. We know he has to remain infallible because to have a lead character who questions his actions is not one that is likely to be portrayed. But sometimes all it takes is a look. Let the audience take it from there with their imagination. JF is fantastic at playing those subtle scenes and one look of doubt/uncertainty would show he is human and does make mistakes. And sometimes the team need to be there for him instead of him being the one to save himself. Let the hero take the day off once in a while! He deserves it ;o)

Thursday, 19 April 2007

May the fourth be with you! Sooner than we hope!

Evil Shep by Bebop

When we first heard about Doppelganger, I honestly wanted a certain something from this episode. Myths and folklore are rampant about what Doppelgangers are, if they exist and what can occur if you meet your double. Well, the Stargate world has decided to explore this mythology and to say i'm a teensy bit over excited at seeing this, is a huge understatement!

I love dark episodes, so Atlantis season 3 episodes such as Phantoms, Common Ground and Vengeance all had that quality (for me anyway). Each of them had a certain something that piqued my interest even more than other eps, maybe it was because they weren't afraid to go a little darker or dealt with the psychological effects on our characters, but whatever element they've been using for Atlantis is really working. And from reading the spoilers on Gateworld, Doppelganger seems to be taking that dark edge a little further to the point of turning one of our characters evil.

*tries to contain her excitement and fails miserably*

As you can imagine talk of a certain person getting the crap kicked out of them is causing a certain thread to speculate wildly and we are (to say the least) getting extremely excited about what's in store. With my favourite character turning to the dark side *squee* it will hopefully bring in some viewers that might have heard ruminations about season 4, but I won't hold my breath. There are already people comparing this ep to a certain SG1 episode 'Cold Lazarus' even though it clearly is very different. But people will see, hear and read what they want, and it doesn't matter how much you show them that things are very different they simply refuse to budge.
Everyone has their opinions, don't get me wrong, I love a good debate, but when people start knocking things before they've even seen the end product makes me lose faith at my fellow Gaters. I've even seen people who have blatantly said they want it to fail. Nice attitudes! I know there have been changes to cast. And yep when information about the changes weren't made available (for one reason or another), i'll hold my hand up and say that I was one of them who was not a happy camper to begin with. But, with that said, i've never indicated that I wouldn't watch season 4, and i've never bashed anyone for not wanting to see season 4 either. Each to their own. If you don't want to watch, fine! I just don't see the point of posting in threads and being all petty and spiteful, just to try and stop other people from getting excited about the new season.
If you don't like it, deal with it! As for me, well in the words of Star Wars, 'JM you're my only hope' at getting hot, sweaty and nekkid Shep. ;) And if this ep is one that deals with nightmares, then I at the very least am expecting a bed scene, with maybe shirtless Shep :o) As i've said before, I am not beneath begging and bribary ;o) I have to say that when I posted the question to JM back in February, I never expected it to be anything like this, and I have to say he lived up to his end of the deal as did I ;o)
For those who want to know what the original Q&A was, here it is posted on the 28 Feb 07, as you can see I was quite shy and retiring then and posted as anon ;o) Oh how times have changed :o)
Anonymous #2 writes: “Does your magic 8 ball say there's any remote chance of an 'evil' Sheppard type episode? And for the record, i'm not beneath begging and would even throw in some dark chocolate offerings as way of bribing you.”
Magic 8 Ball says: Now it’s time for you to hold up your end of the deal. Send the dark chocolate to Joseph Mallozzi c/o The Bridge Studios.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Squee for Season 4

Getting over excited is nothing new to me. I do have the penchance for completely going off on a tangent now and again. But I have to say, over the last month or so as the spoilers for Stargate Atlantis, Season 4, (no less) have been making their way across the fandom courtesty of JM's Blog, GW and other places (too many to mention), so i won't bore you needlessley. However, if you like boring stuff, then you've certainly come to the rest place. So, grab a coffee and take a seat while I ramble excessively :o)

As you know, I am a whumper! There i've said it, held my hand up. I like my leading men to get the crap kicked out of them on a regular basis! People think it's weird, but you know what, if it wasn't so popular then why have it in the show at all? Food for thought. And for the writers to put our leading heroes into mortal danger on a regular basis must mean that they to are whumpers :eek: Nice to know us weirdo's keep good company ;) The sad thing about it is, that some people think you're weird. Personnally I think it's because they haven't taken the time to understand what it's all about, hopefully the linky above will explain it more fully.

So far we've been given wonderful lil tidbits about certain whumpy eps for S4. We've been told that there's a possibility of whumpage in Travelers and Doppelganger. How much or how little is not known, but speculation is rampant amongst the whumpers and we wait patiently *cough*NOT*cough* for S4 to arrive hopefully before I turn old and grey, but with Skiffy you never know! These are the same people that can't even spell the names of our leading men right. *shakes head* The worst is, they're not the only ones. Sky get the names of the characters wrong on a daily basis, you'd think that these people who are promoting a show would at least have the sense to actually understand what it is they're trying to market.... I digress.

So, at years end, 2006, JM gave us a poem to decipher, he loves to tease everyone and he likes to give us little clues regarding certain eps, but won't reveal the whole! I'm a spoiler whore and love to know the ins and out of everything. So every day, he updates his blog, and folks ask questions about anything and everything. So if you feel like checking it out the link is above. At the moment i'm still campaigning for hot, sweaty and nekkid Shep, and I am tryng to brainwash ask very cheekily ;) and in a variety of different ways if we will see our dashing pilot in bed, in the shower or in the infirmary. I have even sunk to the low depths of bribery for getting Evil Shep, which is my ultimate goal. Heck i'd even settle or angsty Shep, if we didn't have to wait until the fall! :D Anyway, the chocolate apparently went down well (at least I hope it did), and JM kindly showed a pic of Martin Gero with the chocolate, very nice touch, thank you Mr M.

I would like to say a big congrats to our very own little whumper who deciphered one of JM's clues about a S4 Episode called Doppleganger (aka N.O.A.S). Our very own Josie got it on the very first day it was posted) So for those that don't want to know what the original working title for Doppleganger was, look away now.


Nightmare on Atlantis Street!

And you know what that means, don't you? Hot, sweaty, semi nekkid Shep lying in bed all stressed could in fact become not just a fangirl's fantasy, but a reality. *insert big cheesy grin* If, sorry WHEN this airs I might just have another fangirl moment ;o) See always think positively! And if at first you don't get hot, sweaty, semi nekkid Shep, then try, try, try try again ;o)

We have deciphered the poem together so if you don't want to be spoiled, I bid you farewell now.

For spoiler whore's like me, here we go. It's not finished yet, but it's darn near close enough, so suggestions and comments are always welcome. The good, the bad and the ugly!

Atlantis S4

Atlantis assailed by the stuff of nightmares, (Doppleganger)
While the team will explore that dark sunken lair. (Submersion)
For one player worship, adoration and fame, (The Game - both lines)
As he and his rival find it’s more than a game.

Receive a grand gift from an all-seeing shaman. (The Seer S4)
Find the wraith and our allies have something in common. (CG Sequel) In my dreams!
A tech-savvy group who progress via pillage. (Travelers)
A wild west High Noon in an inapt Dutch village. (Irresponsible)

Too late the value of that friendship he’ll learn. (Sunday)
A strange disappearance feeds another’s dark turn.(Missing)
Find survivors concealed in an orbiting rock, (The Ark)
While the thinker receives an enlightening shock. (ToR)

Mutations discovered, O’Neill is all wet. (Vengeance and The Return Part II)
With a change of location all will forget. (Tabula Rasa)
Hyperion’s wrath threatens total destruction. (Echoes)
Our hand will be forced by ominous construction. (First strike)
Carter arrives; a reunion of sorts. (Reunion)
One of our own the enemy courts. (Missing)

Isolation imposed and a grand battle looms, (Adrift)
While an alien contact this player dooms. (This Mortal coil)
Self-doubt for one, parenthood for another,(Miller’s crossing)
And that brilliant young mom may be needing her brother.

From innocents lost he’ll produce strict adherence (Lifeline)
While the late fallen one makes a surprised reappearance (Squeee)

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Miscommunications in the Stargate world!

When I first came online and joined the fandom, I lurked for several months before finally getting up courage to post. I browsed online going from one site to another until I finally found a place to call home. The people there have become like a surrogate family to me, and it's a really nice feeling to 'belong' somewhere... so to speak. When I perused some forums I noticed a lot of animosity between people, and it took me quite a while to really understand what was going on. One thing I love to do is people watch. I know what you're saying, how can you people watch online? You'd actually be surprised at how easy this is. By watching how people interact with other posters, and seeing how they post, along with getting to know whom they like in the show and how passionate they are about things, it can give you an idea on who to avoid and who to 'play with'.

What I didn't realise is how much passion some people have. I know i'm vocal, but some people are just downright...what's the word? Oh yeah, obsessive and rude and mean (ooh that's three words). Oh well, moving on swiftly. When they're arguing about 'my character is better than yours' or bitching about other people on line, I just think...get a life! It's a TV show people. A TV show that I love and get passionate about, but there's a line (for me) that should never be crossed and that's nastiness. Is there really any need for it? I know full well that what you write online doesn't necessarily come out how you intended, sometimes it comes out harsher than you'd like, or it's difficult to express how you feel about a particular subject. For me, there's only one way, and that's politely, manners never cost anything, and if you're respectful in your post, then you're in turn extending the courtesy to other readers. If you're debating with someone, is there any need for it to become a personal attack (even if they start it)? I've had years of experience debating, looking at things objectively, looking at the person you're conversing with and you can gauge their personality. Some people are born to whinge and antagonise, they feel it's their right. But, if you stay calm and focused and never stoop to their level of childishness, then you win, every time.

Personally if someone attacks me, then I throw it back in their face, I tell them how rude they are and that it's not acceptable. Granted it's not everybody's way, but there are times when the other poster doesn't even realise how aggressive they are, because that's the way they've always posted. Sometimes a little friendly reminder goes a long way. And if you have wronged someone, either intentionally or not, apologise! It's not hard it's just one little word, show there are no hard feelings and then change the subject as quickly as possible and move on ;o)

Another thing to note...if anyone is remotely intersted, lol. Is that there are real people attached to their keyboards :eek: yes it's true and they have feelings. And their feelings get hurt just as much as yours do when their opinions are shot down in flame. So even if you disagree with them remember, words are a very powerful tool, so choose them wisely, be respectful and play nice. You'd be surprised at how attitudes can change with just a friendly word, a great emoticon or posting a pic of semi nekkid, hot and sweaty Sheppard. You'd be surprised at how quick the conversation can change :o)

Ooooh bit of a sneaky rant there...oops. So much for my light hearted and fluffy blog about nekkid, hot and sweaty Sheppard. :o) That'll be my blog for tomorrow. ;o)

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Subtle flirtations, dirty minds and the gutter!

Shep: Run Rodney! Peg is making us into Chia pets.
Rodney: I really hope she doesn't use lemon grass!

We were talking on the whump thread yesterday about 'Mr potatoe head...don't ask *shakes head*. The whumpers are very strange individuals...or so people tell us :o) So anyway we were saying that there are a variety of Mr Potatoe heads, including a Darth Vadar one. Intrigued regarding this concept I decided to do a 'Blue Peter' style version of Sheppard and McKay. For those that don't know what Blue Peter is, it is a kids TV programme in the UK whereby they make things out of everyday objects, like this: Dr Who's Tardis... you get the picture :o)
Following that, hilarity ensued and pictures relating to Sheppard and McKay being chia pets caused lots of giggling and a fab one liner by Pocus in response to McKay's allergy to lemons ;o)
That was just the start of things to come! I went and saw my mom in hospital today. Twelve months she's been in, and she has the hospital staff eating out the palm of her hand. I often wondered if I got my cheekiness from my mom or dad, but after today's little display, it's definately my mother. Because my mom is bed bound with little use of her hands, pretty much everyday is like groundhog day for her. So she likes to spice the days up by trying to get me married off! I walked into to her room today and she was talking to the neuro surgeon about how she was getting on. She sees me come into her room and her face lights up. Isn't that nice, I thought, my mom is happy to see me. Hmph, little did I know what her nefarious plan was. This is how the conversation went.
Mom: Hello love, you remember my doctor don't you? (I don't often see him unless he's on call)
Me: Hi mom, yes I remember him. (It's at this point I smile at the doc and say hello)
Mom: She's single at the moment. Are you single doctor?
Me: *mortified* Mom!
Mom: I'm just making conversation.
I look over at the Doc, who has turned probably the same shade of red that I have. He hurriedly makes a hasty retreat and I really don't balme him! She tells me, that I need to be a bit more flirtatious if I want to get myself a man... Thanks mom, i'll remember that in future.
After feeling suitably chastised for not being married yet, my mom preceeds to tell me her usually dirty jokes that the nurses tell her every morning. I'm no shrinking violet, but she's my mother and it's just so wrong on so many levels. Between my mother and the Air force pilots and technicians that I used to work with, it's no wonder my mind is so corrupted! So for those that want to know how I can twist every pure word into smut, there's your answer :o)
Not long after the Doctor leaves, I try and sort out my mom's room and notice a picture of a famous footballer on the side. I'm curious how she got this, considering she can't get out and about, so I ask her. She tells me that one of the nurses has a son who'se a famous footballer. That still didn't explain how got the picture and had it autographed personnally. So I ask her how she came to get this little gem, at which she advises that she was watching a football match and starting shouting at the ref's decision regarding penalties (because apparantly she knows more about football than the refs). One of the agency nurses wondered what the commotion was and came to investigate. The nurse (seeing the football game and her son playing) pointed this out to my mom. My mom cheekily asks for a photo of him and would she ask if he could sign it for her. I know i'm cheeky, but at least i'm subtle about it *picks halo off the floor* :o)
Before I head off for another day, I thought i'd let you know how my cat's getting on with her issues. Between you and me, I think she needs some serious counselling.. I wonder if there's such a thing as a shrink for pets? My little Bella has her own bed, complete with blanket and has begun dragging the blanket out of bed and taking it upstairs with her at night time, then first thing in the morning she brings it down with her. When she comes and sits with me, she drags this smelly thing around with her and tries to drag it up onto the sofa (it's 5 times the size she is). She is beginning to look like Linus from Charlie Brown...

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Fan girl moment

Finally! After nearly 7 painfully long months of waiting patiently, not! The long awaited Part deux of Atlantis finally airs for the US folks.

There were lots of little bits about part two of 'The Return' that I adored, one of which involved the dashingly handsome Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) attempting to stave off several drones. As soon as he submerged the jumper, my lil heart squeeled with joy at the thought of seeing 'wet Shep' as the girls over on the GW whump thread like to say. So like a teenager once more, I waited with baited breath to see if my dreams would come close! As our hero bravely volunteered to open the hatch in the hanger full of water, I had a wonderful fan girl moment that lasted a whole nanosecond. Unfortunately, the writers decided that Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) would be the one to get wet. Shame on you 'powers that be' for dashing our dreams of seeing Sheppard wet. You had us in the palm of your hands there, and snatched it away. So not nice.

Highlights for me;

  • Sheppard flying around the city

  • Sheppard being fired if he didn't pull off the rescue plan.

  • Beckett's indignation at O'Neill wondering why our wonderful Scottish doc was there

  • McKay getting slapped on the back of the head

  • Teyla shooting her way in.

  • The end bit with Jack and Dr Weir, I love to see people hugging :o)
I laughed my ass off at the fact that their plans seemed to fall by the way side. I can't remember (I know, I call myself a fan) which plan saved them in the end. I think it was a mixture of plans A to F. 'F' being my favourite, it reminded me of what we resort to in work :o)
So as we never got to see our hero wet *sigh*, I guess i'll have to just settle with a wonderful pic from 'The Eye/The Storm'. I suddenly feel the urge to watch those eps again. Me thinks he might need a hot shower after getting drenched like that. Wouldn't want him to get pneumonia now would we? Because that would mean that he'd end up feverish hot and sweaty, lying on an infirmary bed, semi nekkid...
*waves to the gutter*
*dives in*

Cheeky Chops

Some might say i'm cheeky...well, most people that know me actually. But, you'd be surprised at just what you can actually get away with when you're THAT cheeky. What can I say, it's a gift!

All this is very new to me, and i'm not the most technocologically apt person, when it comes to doing stuff like this. So that's two things you've learned about me already.What can I say to enthrall you all into coming to my blog? Well i'm a Stargate Atlantis addict, not to mention a bit of a cyber stalker when it comes to reading certain names mentioned Mr M. :o)

I am extremely inquisitve and tend to ask lots of questions, and usually end up in a heap of trouble. I won't tell you about the time that I got turfed out of an Air Force tatoo show, (not my fault btw... it was the pilots fault and their shananagins. Nor will I tell you about the time I got turfed out of the girls tent for snoring on a 'bonding exercise' and ended up sleeping with the their tent. Get your minds out of the gutter people, it wasn't like that at all!

I have a neurotic cat who thinks she's human and chunters all day if you talk to her enough. She likes to suckle on my ear and slobbers down my neck and between you and me I think she has some serious issues!

What else can I tell you about myself...hmmm my ultimate goal is to visit the Atlantis set and meet the cast, but I think they might be a bit hesitant since my posts to the Executive Producer seem to be about wanting to see the dashing pilot Lt.Colonel John Sheppard semi nekkid. What!? Don't tell me the fangirls/fanboys haven't been thinking about it, because if you say you haven't you're going to end up like Pinnochio!