Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Squee for Season 4

Getting over excited is nothing new to me. I do have the penchance for completely going off on a tangent now and again. But I have to say, over the last month or so as the spoilers for Stargate Atlantis, Season 4, (no less) have been making their way across the fandom courtesty of JM's Blog, GW and other places (too many to mention), so i won't bore you needlessley. However, if you like boring stuff, then you've certainly come to the rest place. So, grab a coffee and take a seat while I ramble excessively :o)

As you know, I am a whumper! There i've said it, held my hand up. I like my leading men to get the crap kicked out of them on a regular basis! People think it's weird, but you know what, if it wasn't so popular then why have it in the show at all? Food for thought. And for the writers to put our leading heroes into mortal danger on a regular basis must mean that they to are whumpers :eek: Nice to know us weirdo's keep good company ;) The sad thing about it is, that some people think you're weird. Personnally I think it's because they haven't taken the time to understand what it's all about, hopefully the linky above will explain it more fully.

So far we've been given wonderful lil tidbits about certain whumpy eps for S4. We've been told that there's a possibility of whumpage in Travelers and Doppelganger. How much or how little is not known, but speculation is rampant amongst the whumpers and we wait patiently *cough*NOT*cough* for S4 to arrive hopefully before I turn old and grey, but with Skiffy you never know! These are the same people that can't even spell the names of our leading men right. *shakes head* The worst is, they're not the only ones. Sky get the names of the characters wrong on a daily basis, you'd think that these people who are promoting a show would at least have the sense to actually understand what it is they're trying to market.... I digress.

So, at years end, 2006, JM gave us a poem to decipher, he loves to tease everyone and he likes to give us little clues regarding certain eps, but won't reveal the whole! I'm a spoiler whore and love to know the ins and out of everything. So every day, he updates his blog, and folks ask questions about anything and everything. So if you feel like checking it out the link is above. At the moment i'm still campaigning for hot, sweaty and nekkid Shep, and I am tryng to brainwash ask very cheekily ;) and in a variety of different ways if we will see our dashing pilot in bed, in the shower or in the infirmary. I have even sunk to the low depths of bribery for getting Evil Shep, which is my ultimate goal. Heck i'd even settle or angsty Shep, if we didn't have to wait until the fall! :D Anyway, the chocolate apparently went down well (at least I hope it did), and JM kindly showed a pic of Martin Gero with the chocolate, very nice touch, thank you Mr M.

I would like to say a big congrats to our very own little whumper who deciphered one of JM's clues about a S4 Episode called Doppleganger (aka N.O.A.S). Our very own Josie got it on the very first day it was posted) So for those that don't want to know what the original working title for Doppleganger was, look away now.


Nightmare on Atlantis Street!

And you know what that means, don't you? Hot, sweaty, semi nekkid Shep lying in bed all stressed could in fact become not just a fangirl's fantasy, but a reality. *insert big cheesy grin* If, sorry WHEN this airs I might just have another fangirl moment ;o) See always think positively! And if at first you don't get hot, sweaty, semi nekkid Shep, then try, try, try try again ;o)

We have deciphered the poem together so if you don't want to be spoiled, I bid you farewell now.

For spoiler whore's like me, here we go. It's not finished yet, but it's darn near close enough, so suggestions and comments are always welcome. The good, the bad and the ugly!

Atlantis S4

Atlantis assailed by the stuff of nightmares, (Doppleganger)
While the team will explore that dark sunken lair. (Submersion)
For one player worship, adoration and fame, (The Game - both lines)
As he and his rival find it’s more than a game.

Receive a grand gift from an all-seeing shaman. (The Seer S4)
Find the wraith and our allies have something in common. (CG Sequel) In my dreams!
A tech-savvy group who progress via pillage. (Travelers)
A wild west High Noon in an inapt Dutch village. (Irresponsible)

Too late the value of that friendship he’ll learn. (Sunday)
A strange disappearance feeds another’s dark turn.(Missing)
Find survivors concealed in an orbiting rock, (The Ark)
While the thinker receives an enlightening shock. (ToR)

Mutations discovered, O’Neill is all wet. (Vengeance and The Return Part II)
With a change of location all will forget. (Tabula Rasa)
Hyperion’s wrath threatens total destruction. (Echoes)
Our hand will be forced by ominous construction. (First strike)
Carter arrives; a reunion of sorts. (Reunion)
One of our own the enemy courts. (Missing)

Isolation imposed and a grand battle looms, (Adrift)
While an alien contact this player dooms. (This Mortal coil)
Self-doubt for one, parenthood for another,(Miller’s crossing)
And that brilliant young mom may be needing her brother.

From innocents lost he’ll produce strict adherence (Lifeline)
While the late fallen one makes a surprised reappearance (Squeee)


Pocus said...

Loving your blog. You have such a way with words!

Tristen said...

I agree with Pocus! I love reading your blog! Has been bookmarked!

Oh, and thanks for posting the poem thing!