Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Miscommunications in the Stargate world!

When I first came online and joined the fandom, I lurked for several months before finally getting up courage to post. I browsed online going from one site to another until I finally found a place to call home. The people there have become like a surrogate family to me, and it's a really nice feeling to 'belong' somewhere... so to speak. When I perused some forums I noticed a lot of animosity between people, and it took me quite a while to really understand what was going on. One thing I love to do is people watch. I know what you're saying, how can you people watch online? You'd actually be surprised at how easy this is. By watching how people interact with other posters, and seeing how they post, along with getting to know whom they like in the show and how passionate they are about things, it can give you an idea on who to avoid and who to 'play with'.

What I didn't realise is how much passion some people have. I know i'm vocal, but some people are just downright...what's the word? Oh yeah, obsessive and rude and mean (ooh that's three words). Oh well, moving on swiftly. When they're arguing about 'my character is better than yours' or bitching about other people on line, I just think...get a life! It's a TV show people. A TV show that I love and get passionate about, but there's a line (for me) that should never be crossed and that's nastiness. Is there really any need for it? I know full well that what you write online doesn't necessarily come out how you intended, sometimes it comes out harsher than you'd like, or it's difficult to express how you feel about a particular subject. For me, there's only one way, and that's politely, manners never cost anything, and if you're respectful in your post, then you're in turn extending the courtesy to other readers. If you're debating with someone, is there any need for it to become a personal attack (even if they start it)? I've had years of experience debating, looking at things objectively, looking at the person you're conversing with and you can gauge their personality. Some people are born to whinge and antagonise, they feel it's their right. But, if you stay calm and focused and never stoop to their level of childishness, then you win, every time.

Personally if someone attacks me, then I throw it back in their face, I tell them how rude they are and that it's not acceptable. Granted it's not everybody's way, but there are times when the other poster doesn't even realise how aggressive they are, because that's the way they've always posted. Sometimes a little friendly reminder goes a long way. And if you have wronged someone, either intentionally or not, apologise! It's not hard it's just one little word, show there are no hard feelings and then change the subject as quickly as possible and move on ;o)

Another thing to note...if anyone is remotely intersted, lol. Is that there are real people attached to their keyboards :eek: yes it's true and they have feelings. And their feelings get hurt just as much as yours do when their opinions are shot down in flame. So even if you disagree with them remember, words are a very powerful tool, so choose them wisely, be respectful and play nice. You'd be surprised at how attitudes can change with just a friendly word, a great emoticon or posting a pic of semi nekkid, hot and sweaty Sheppard. You'd be surprised at how quick the conversation can change :o)

Ooooh bit of a sneaky rant there...oops. So much for my light hearted and fluffy blog about nekkid, hot and sweaty Sheppard. :o) That'll be my blog for tomorrow. ;o)


Pocus said...

Love what you are saying and completely agree. I lurked for a long time also, "watching". I try to keep my comments positive and polite. If I have something nasty to say, well that is what I can say before I touch the keyboard.

I wish we could post this on forums and blogs for people to read before they are allowed to post--every time!

Tristen said...

Well said! I totally agree. Some people do tend to think they can throw manners and common courtesy out the window when they're on an online forum. If anything, you should try to be even more polite and respectful on a forum, because like you said, people can't see or hear you, and therefore things get taken the wrong way all the time.

Anyway. What I'm trying to say is that you're absolutely right! And you have a much better way with words than I do! :o)