Thursday, 26 April 2007

Nightmare on Atlantis Street

I love the psychological aspect of people, how they talk, their actions all their little mannerisms that make them who they are. While i'm no psychology expert it doesn't stop me from speculating why people do what they do. Everyone has a dark side, and apparently Stargate Atlantis's is coming to the forefront in the form of 'darker' episodes. And hopefully this in turn will allow us to see the darker sides of our characters and how they react to certain situations.

When confronted by something that is totally unexpected, each persons response to that situation is different. Like the fight or flight response, your instincts stem believe it or not from the prehistoric era. :o) It's an inbuilt safety mechanism that the brain produces to either fight the danger head on or avoid any confrontation. The chemical that's released into our body during the time of stress hones all our senses, and diminishes the body of feeling pain. Which is probably why our Shep doesn't tend to feel the effects the same way as McKay does (bless him). So what the heck has this got to do with Atlantis going dark, I hear you ask...

Well, over the course of Season 4 we're hoping to see our characters pushed to their limits both emotionally and physically. As this takes place over the course of season 4, we'll be afforded the opportunity into looking into their psyche and seeing how they cope when pushed to the limit. Will it make them stronger or will they fold under the pressure? From JM's poem, it's clear that the characters emotions are going to be like a rollercoaster ride, with angst, pain, regret and self doubt being at the forefront of their character develpment. From what we've learned about Doppleganger, this episode will focus on the nightmares of our characters; each of whom have deep seated issues about certain things.

We've been speculating (wildly of course) ;o) about what effect these nightmares will have on our team. For me, I love to see a different side of a persons character that's not prominantly displayed in the show on a regular basis. And usually the only time we get to see a different side of them is when there are mitigating circumstances that bring that aspect of their personality to the surface. So to have an episode that focus's on their deep seated fears is very attractive in a weird kind of way, lol. Normally we have our heroes battling demons every day, which I love, but we never get to 'see' what that effect has on them.

Now I completely understand that our characters can't have a meltdown after every mission, :o) but like it or not, our experiences be they good or bad do affect our personality and can turn any rational person into a nut job. Paranoia and mistrust can occur when someone is pushed to the edge, and if you bury it for too long without dealing with it, those 'issues' have a way of coming to the surface. I'm hoping that those 'issues', which occur when things go wrong (and that help to define us), will show up in the Doppleganger ep. That inturn will enable us to get a more indepth look at how our characters minds work, and why they behave the way they do. And what I love about these types of episodes is that they allow the viewer to see that the characters are human...unless they're Wraith of course ;o)

So tomorrow's Stargate episode is 'Irresponsible', and I think this is a good example of someone reaching their limits when pushed too far. I won't bore you needlessly until tomorrow and trust me when I say that i'll have a few things to say about the ep!

Ooooh I ended on a rant! Can't have that now can we? Then allow me to finish with this one word.


For those that have no clue why i'm so excited about season 4, you might want to check out the answer JM gave lil ol' me and the whumping crew about Doppleganger :o) And for those that don't know what *squee* is check out Josie's article which she did for when CG was airing(pictured above) and it will explain everything :o)


Pocus said...

Too tired to say more than

"Yeah for Season 4 and darker sides to all!"

Linzi said...

I can't wait for season 4. Initially I was so worried about the change of showrunners. Now, I'm really excited about the changes coming into force. I can't wait to Travelers, and especially DG! The darker look should be fantastic, and I really want to see the characters pushed to their limits! :)