Saturday, 14 April 2007

Fan girl moment

Finally! After nearly 7 painfully long months of waiting patiently, not! The long awaited Part deux of Atlantis finally airs for the US folks.

There were lots of little bits about part two of 'The Return' that I adored, one of which involved the dashingly handsome Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) attempting to stave off several drones. As soon as he submerged the jumper, my lil heart squeeled with joy at the thought of seeing 'wet Shep' as the girls over on the GW whump thread like to say. So like a teenager once more, I waited with baited breath to see if my dreams would come close! As our hero bravely volunteered to open the hatch in the hanger full of water, I had a wonderful fan girl moment that lasted a whole nanosecond. Unfortunately, the writers decided that Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) would be the one to get wet. Shame on you 'powers that be' for dashing our dreams of seeing Sheppard wet. You had us in the palm of your hands there, and snatched it away. So not nice.

Highlights for me;

  • Sheppard flying around the city

  • Sheppard being fired if he didn't pull off the rescue plan.

  • Beckett's indignation at O'Neill wondering why our wonderful Scottish doc was there

  • McKay getting slapped on the back of the head

  • Teyla shooting her way in.

  • The end bit with Jack and Dr Weir, I love to see people hugging :o)
I laughed my ass off at the fact that their plans seemed to fall by the way side. I can't remember (I know, I call myself a fan) which plan saved them in the end. I think it was a mixture of plans A to F. 'F' being my favourite, it reminded me of what we resort to in work :o)
So as we never got to see our hero wet *sigh*, I guess i'll have to just settle with a wonderful pic from 'The Eye/The Storm'. I suddenly feel the urge to watch those eps again. Me thinks he might need a hot shower after getting drenched like that. Wouldn't want him to get pneumonia now would we? Because that would mean that he'd end up feverish hot and sweaty, lying on an infirmary bed, semi nekkid...
*waves to the gutter*
*dives in*

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Siba said...

Hey ;) Just read your comment at JM's blog and LOVED it. The thought of Joe F hot and sweaty was soooOO great that I had to check out who had that great idea! I hope JM can do that somehow ;)

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