Monday, 23 April 2007

That thing we call life.

The thing I love about the fandom is the passion that goes with it. We love to get excited about our show, and speculate about what’s to come in the up and coming seasons, so much so that on occasions we get a little too excited. How can one possible get themselves in a tizzy over a TV show? Very simple. Pull up a chair and grab a coffee, this might take a while. :o)

A lot of people within the ‘fandom’ have real life issues. So for them, their fandom *insert fandom of choice here* ;o) is a way of escaping the crap that we call real life. In this wonderful imaginary world that we escape to, we can let go of our everyday problems and feel secure in the knowledge that we can get lost in the moment for one hour a week. Or if you're completely obsessive ten hours a week ;) We can envisage what will happen to our favourite characters, and what fate has in store for them, and they in turn can take us on a little adventure thousands of miles away from the problems some people face on a daily basis. As time moves on, we get to know who the characters are and what makes them tick, and gradually we learn about their little foibles and what defines them. The same can also be said for friends that you discover online.

As you get to know your fellow posters, you learn to see beyond the post and see the person; not just an opinion on the thread that you’re posting in. You learn to get to know that person’s style and if they’re having an off day. Sometimes this one ‘off day’ can bring a thread to it’s knees. Scary, but true. People’s emotions can affect a thread’s ‘mood’ (for want of a better terminology) and usually you find that as soon as a thread gets some exciting news, they go a bit nuts, and tend to get swept up in the wave of emotions.

When the information comes from a viable source, your excitement tends to go up ten notches, especially when that news is something you’ve longed for *cough*hot and sweaty semi-nekkid Shep*cough*. ;o) But when that programme airs, and it’s not lived up to your expectations, (because you’ve speculated to the point of no return) then it can have devastating affects. Okay I’m being a bit dramatic here, lol, but you get the point. ;o)

I suppose, what i'm trying to say in my usual rambling way, is that the fandom should be a place to go and bond with other like-minded individuals. It's not just about that exciting bit of information, or you're favourite character. It's about getting away from the harsh realities of life and letting your imagination run free for a short time. Sometimes you do need to get caught up in the moment to remember that life is there to live and enjoy, so enjoy it.

And remember if you see someone without a smile, give them yours :o)

So much for my cheeky blog, this is getting far too serious for me, time to lighten the moment and dive into the gutter. Didn't I say at one time, I was going to talk about hot, sweaty nekkid Shep? :o). Well, I have since obtained some pics that have spurred me on a lil bit more in my quest, and while they're not exactly Shep, it's probably as close as we're going to get. ;o)

Pics are from Dawson's creek... I won't even go into detail of the table scene *cough*

*has a fangirl moment*

*waves to the gutter*

*dives in * :o)


Pocus said...

Very perceptive observations about thread "mood" I have seen one person have an off day and make one simple comment that just throws the thread into a sad state. I do love when one simple comment can send a thread in a whirlwind of crazy creative ideas. Everyone ends up laughing and our loved ones watching us at the computer just shake their heads, walk away muttering about making an appointment with the doctor.

I love to read a long thread fom the very begining to 1) See the personality of the thread and 2) Watch the friendships develop. Long threads go through many changes. Sometimes I find that I like the early days of a thread but am not thrilled with the current postings.

Fandom should be fun and the day it stops that for me is the day I stop posting!

Linz said...

I agree about the thread mood. Sometimes there's excitement, other times...not so much. A couple of people feel down, sometimes it does alter the whole mood of the thread. Other times the squeeing is contageous! LOl!

Above all, even if we have a bad minute, hour or day in RL, we should try to have fun on the threads. Seek compassion and sympathy when need be,and be there for others when they need it, but, in my humble opinion, other than the odd rant, we should attempt to celebrate the common fandom we enjoy.

For me, the best times are when I spit out my drink over my keyboard because I've read an amusing comment or something cheeky! Those are the moments I enjoy so much. It's just such fun sometimes to be a part of a fandom!!! Long may it continue to give pleasure to some of us!!! :)