Thursday, 19 April 2007

May the fourth be with you! Sooner than we hope!

Evil Shep by Bebop

When we first heard about Doppelganger, I honestly wanted a certain something from this episode. Myths and folklore are rampant about what Doppelgangers are, if they exist and what can occur if you meet your double. Well, the Stargate world has decided to explore this mythology and to say i'm a teensy bit over excited at seeing this, is a huge understatement!

I love dark episodes, so Atlantis season 3 episodes such as Phantoms, Common Ground and Vengeance all had that quality (for me anyway). Each of them had a certain something that piqued my interest even more than other eps, maybe it was because they weren't afraid to go a little darker or dealt with the psychological effects on our characters, but whatever element they've been using for Atlantis is really working. And from reading the spoilers on Gateworld, Doppelganger seems to be taking that dark edge a little further to the point of turning one of our characters evil.

*tries to contain her excitement and fails miserably*

As you can imagine talk of a certain person getting the crap kicked out of them is causing a certain thread to speculate wildly and we are (to say the least) getting extremely excited about what's in store. With my favourite character turning to the dark side *squee* it will hopefully bring in some viewers that might have heard ruminations about season 4, but I won't hold my breath. There are already people comparing this ep to a certain SG1 episode 'Cold Lazarus' even though it clearly is very different. But people will see, hear and read what they want, and it doesn't matter how much you show them that things are very different they simply refuse to budge.
Everyone has their opinions, don't get me wrong, I love a good debate, but when people start knocking things before they've even seen the end product makes me lose faith at my fellow Gaters. I've even seen people who have blatantly said they want it to fail. Nice attitudes! I know there have been changes to cast. And yep when information about the changes weren't made available (for one reason or another), i'll hold my hand up and say that I was one of them who was not a happy camper to begin with. But, with that said, i've never indicated that I wouldn't watch season 4, and i've never bashed anyone for not wanting to see season 4 either. Each to their own. If you don't want to watch, fine! I just don't see the point of posting in threads and being all petty and spiteful, just to try and stop other people from getting excited about the new season.
If you don't like it, deal with it! As for me, well in the words of Star Wars, 'JM you're my only hope' at getting hot, sweaty and nekkid Shep. ;) And if this ep is one that deals with nightmares, then I at the very least am expecting a bed scene, with maybe shirtless Shep :o) As i've said before, I am not beneath begging and bribary ;o) I have to say that when I posted the question to JM back in February, I never expected it to be anything like this, and I have to say he lived up to his end of the deal as did I ;o)
For those who want to know what the original Q&A was, here it is posted on the 28 Feb 07, as you can see I was quite shy and retiring then and posted as anon ;o) Oh how times have changed :o)
Anonymous #2 writes: “Does your magic 8 ball say there's any remote chance of an 'evil' Sheppard type episode? And for the record, i'm not beneath begging and would even throw in some dark chocolate offerings as way of bribing you.”
Magic 8 Ball says: Now it’s time for you to hold up your end of the deal. Send the dark chocolate to Joseph Mallozzi c/o The Bridge Studios.


Pocus said...

All I can say is "WooHoo for Evil Shep!!!!" JM did seem to like the chocolate you sent him. I remember he posted a pic of it!

Linzi said...

Woo hoo! Evil Sheppy!

I remember your post to JM now! You obviously had the power of foresight! I can't wait to see this episode, and can't remember the last time I was this excited!!!! Well, when it was around CG time, perhaps!

As for the extremely negative posters you talk of. You know what? I find myself becoming increasingly irritated by them.

I respect people's opinions,and their right to express them, but there are specific places to whine and be anti everything SGA.

So some aren't watching season 4 and hate everything that's coming our way? Fine, I say, that's your right, but stop trying to ruin my fun on positive, fun threads when people are enjoying themselves.

These people just come across as suffering from a nasty case of sour grapes. The attitude of 'I'm not getting what I want, so I'm going to try and ruin your fun',is not only incredibly immature, it's also pretty selfish!!! I'd never do that to anyone, and if you're not going to watch season 4, then why the hell are you reading spoilers and commenting on them? Do these people just like to complain all the time? They get their kicks from moaning? Okaaaay...

Why waste your time when you're not watching? To punish yourself, or to say to others, 'Hah! I can't believe you're going to be watching this rubbish, because I'm not!' Is that the reason for these sorts of posts? Because, for the life of me, I can't remember me saying to any anti person, 'You sad devil, don't you know what you're going to miss. Are you mad?'

I just let them get on with it. If you don't enjoy what you see, good for you. Switch off, don't watch!!!

The only conclusion I can come to, is that such people are sad trouble makers, who really need to either move on, or concentrate on what they did like about the show, and discuss that.

In the end, people will lose their very restrained tempers with such posters.

I have no problem with reasoned debate, in the appropriate threads, but to come on positive threads just to constantly say 'Season 4 sucks' or such delightful and eloquent words, just is pointless and after a while incredibly tedious.

I can't think of anything more selfish than to constantly try and dampen people's enthusiasm!

SGA is meant to be entertaining and fun. The GW whump thread is supposed to be fun. The episode speculation threads are meant to be just that too. For the life of me, I can't understand why anyone would think it's socially acceptable to whine like a broken record non-stop. It's not. It's boring.

So, I say, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Because Season 4 looks like it could be great fun and wonderful entertainment. And surely, if it isn't going to be that for you, then move on and find something that does thrill you. Life is too short to be so unhappy and negative. Find a new fandom and enjoy yourself.

Sheppard's Delight said...

Oh I agree with you totally!!! The minute that I didn't enjoy SGA ( and that would only happen if Shep was gone) would be the minute that I stopped posting about it. If I didnt have anything good to say then I just would find something that I enjoyed to do and move on!