Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Odd and Sods and a Merry Christmas

Okay, so i'm a really bad blogger. In my defence though so much has gone on and i've hardly had two minutes to myself. So today, as it's Boxing day, I thought i'd send you all to sleep after your heavy meals. See, that can be my present to all the insomniacs out there, just because i'm kind and generous like that.

So, where to start? Well, let's start with Stargate and the two eps that have aired since I updated last. I'm debating whether to bored you needlessly from the onset or give you the choice. Hmmm decisions, decisions. Tell you what, i'll give you the highlights and if you're feeling exceptionally bored one day you may feel inclined to read them at your peril.

Miller's Crossing. What I enjoyed about this ep was the moral issues that were created. This initial post was just a series of posts with others at GW to debate back and forth whether the choices Sheppard made were ethical or not. Let's just say the debate is still ongoing. After tensions on the boards reached it's peak some decided that the only way to decide if he was correct to make the decision he did was to hold an Article 32 Hearing. Yours truly is 'playing Shepard' and it's up to the judge to determine if there were any wrong doings. So far things are being set up, so i'll keep you apprised on the progress of the trial if you're at all interested. I think it's certainly a good way of keeping people out of trouble (namely me) and having lots of fun along the way. While some parts of the ep (specifically the beginning did bore me slightly, I found myself enthralled by the end and questioning the morality of what took place! There have only been certain eps like this, and I love that SGA seem to be going darker and throwing up these sorts of 'What would you do?' dilemmas. I also felt it tied in nicely with previous eps and the moral question that was raised in Season 3's 'The Game'.

Next up was This Mortal Coil. I thought i'd done a review for this, but can't find any trace of it!! How bizarre. Well, I did enjoy it to a point, but to be honest it was a bit meh! Though it has to be said i'm like that with the majority of two parters. I understand the set up has to happen, but I tend to find I like the second parts more than the first. What I did like was that everything seemed to be coming together. That we got two Sheps! ;o) And we got great continuity throughout (which I absolutely adore and there was lots and lots of team moments.

Best line for me? Sheppard: The last time I met up with myself, I ended up kicking my own ass! (flashback to DG)! Told you there was great continuity.

Oh I went to Haworth, did some Ghost Hunting... found no ghosts! Alas they must have heard I would be in the neighbourhood. I rode the Harry Potter express, which was lots of fun. Took a tonne of vids (learnt i'd never make a good cameraman).

What else? Oh yes, I started a new job! I am now the man!! With cleavage though. Lots of things going on. Remember I told you about my having to bond with my team, and how management weren't very receptive about my idea of paintballing, bowling or going to the pub? Well, they allowed me (very generous of them) to make an executive decision on how we would bond. So I was very good, we compromised and for the first day, we had lots of fun being creative. The second day we went bowling and the staff (I hope) bonded. From the vid, above I think we're at least part way there. And from the sounds of it, bowling was the right choice. I heard from some of the other staff in the other new teams that had been set up, and they were gutted their manager didn't take them bowling!! Well, I ask you, who is going to learn anything by sitting in a room and dictating to staff (two days before xmas, I might add) and listen to the benefits of regionalisation and consistency? I don't do death by PowerPoint, for me a happy team makes a productive team.

Okay I think i've bored you enough. Merry Christmas everyone!


Pocus said...

Merry Christmas to you too! Bowling sounds like fun. I haven't done that since drunken midnight bowling in college.

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