Monday, 27 April 2009

Cats and Computors

My cats have serious issues with my PC and my using it, and will use mostly any tactic to get in the way of my surfing, typing or reading. My older cat (Gemma) is 17 in a couple of months and has become even more clingier than usual. She adores cuddles, and will most often just plonk herself either on my chest, the laptop or on my hands. Either that or she just wants to feel the heat!! Bella on the other hand is still very kittenish at 2 years old, she still drags her blanket around everywhere and adores being tickled on the belly, very much like a dog. With the PC her mannerisms are very different to Bella's in that she'll attempt to sit on the laptop and refuses to budge. Worse still she's such a drooler, and it goes everywher, once she starts that's it. Puddles on the keys on my arms, and quite frequently she suckles my ear and drools down my neck. Now i'm told that they normally do that if they're taking away from their moms too early, and they should grow out of it when they're about a year old... i'm still waiting!!

Unfortunately my previous laptop didn't fair very well with the girls in that they became so jealous, Bella kept repeatedly headbutting the screen until it eventually fell off. Needless to say my insurance agent, had a good laugh and refused to pay. Fingers crossed this doesn't happen again!

Anyway a couple of pics to show you the lil tearaways.

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