Thursday, 23 August 2007

Cheeky's wrath

Okay, i'll hold up my hands and admit that i've been increasing lax with updating my blog. Please forgive my tardiness. I do have a great excuse though... just give me ten minutes to think of one! ;)
So, now with the apology out of the way, let's get down to what's happening in Cheeky's world. Well, it has to be said, that Cheeky is becoming a seriously boring individual with only moments of causing mayhem and anarchy in work, at home and on the Internet. That's right, i'm ashamed to say that Cheeky is becoming normal.... *sniff* And the quest for shirtless Shep had to be... brace yourselves girls... Abandoned for a little while. *hands out tissues* I'm sorry to have had to disclose, what I know will come as a shock to you. But, alas real life intervened and everything got sidetracked. I know I am amongst friends, so I can "release my burden" to you all. I feel that every now and again we all have to get some things off our chest. I'm just waiting until S4 of SGA until it's Shep's turn. :P


Well, over the last few weeks i've been filling in job application forms and getting into trouble, as per usual, this of course includes my good friend anon, who has had to be slapped down a few times over the last week or so. It's a dirty job, but someones got to do it, and i'm more than happy to volunteer my services. ;) There are certain things in life that bug my brain; rude people and nasty people are at the top of my list. And no matter how much I try, I cannot hold my tongue, irrespective of who it is, or who they've targeted. It's bad manners and they're just being rude. To them, there are no consequences with regards to their actions. By their very definition they are nobodies, but does that stop me from opening my very big mouth and giving them the little bit that's left of my mind? No, because when one has a big mouth, well, it's a shame not to use it. ;) And oh my goodness I have used it quite frequently this week.

One of the girls in work is fairly new and fairly timid, bless her. She's really not into confrontation of any shape or form... unlike her boss who thoroughly enjoys going head to head with rude and obnoxious people. As i've said before, my staff are like my babies, i've nurtured them, fed them and well... quite often they burb themselves! :P And when they're ready, they head off into the big bad world and cause mayhem. *feels very proud* i'm very protective, and won't have anyone give them grief... unless it's from me or my other half. And woe betide anyone who upsets them! So, anyway, the new girl came back from an interview yesterday quite upset after an altercation with... certain interested parties, shall we say. And they were rude, nasty and laughed in her face. Well, that was it! My mothering instincts kicked in, and now i'm hell bent of ensuring that justice be done. Not just for her, but for anyone else that would have to suffer the rudeness and vitriol in future interviews. As we were discussing the situation, she said to me, "You know what? You're like a mother lion looking after her cubs!" So true, the only person who can slap them down is me! ;) Maybe it's because my job involves protecting those that don't have a voice, or being bullied growing up? I don't know. Personally, I'd rather use humour and snark to diffuse any situation. Only very rarely do I feel that people cross the boundaries that shouldn't be crossed, but sometimes you need to stand up and say something is unacceptable. Hopefully, this will, if anything show the nasty person that bad behaviour will instill the wrath of cheeky, and hopefully be enough of a deterrent. :P

With SGA season 4 only being 4 weeks away, nerves are frayed, fingernails have been bitten and we've begun counting the days to alleviate the wait. Some efforts have been fraught with laughter, others with tears as the pros and the anti's have continued to go head to head. The whump thread have been trying to keep up our squee momentum for season 4 by providing blow by blow commentaries for certain SGA eps. And it has to be said that we haven't laughed so much in ages. We're not a group that takes itself seriously and that's the way we like it. Any sign of whump, and the whumpers can descend on a thread like a swarm of locusts with their high pitch squee shaking the forum. And with season 4 looking darker and more menacing, there's (hopefully) more chance for whump! To say that we're a tad excited at what S4 brings, is a bit of an understatement. It's hoped given what we know is it to come *squeeeee for evil Shep* that Shep will get some whump to rival 38 minutes and CG. What can I say? We're very much akin to vampires... extremely blood thirsty. :P Anyway, I think i've killed my blog with my boringness today, so I shall bid you farewell.


Linzi said...

You're never boring! Good for you protecting your staff. I hope you get justice, LOL! I also wish when I set forth on my quest into the workplace that my boss is like you!

SGA will be great, I know. Whumped Sheppy, evil Sheppy. SQUEEE!!!

As for the rude Anon's? You know what? We ALL know who they are, and they're pathetic. Rude, vitriolic and VERY sad people. I pity them. And also I can work out from the grammar and style of post which Gateworlders they are, and shame on them for not having the guts to give their name so everyone knows their online identity!

So, let's go have fun and do another commentary, because it's all about fun!!! :)

Pocus said...

((hugs)) missed you!!! You can be my mother lion anytime!!!

WooHoo to one more month!!!!