Thursday, 30 August 2007

It's a celebration

On August 28 2007, the fireworks lit up the streets and waterfronts of Liverpool! Alas, it was not as most of you may think, celebrating the fact that it is now only a month until SGA airs it's premiere fourth season. In fact the celebrations were for Liverpool's 800th birthday. Day and night people paraded the streets of Liverpool in their costumes, think Mardi Gras, but in its early years! With that said, the fireworks as you can see are impressive. Scenes of parade goers in their underwater themed costumes lined the street for a day of celebrations. We had stalls, parades, karaoke for the Mayor, now personally I thought Frank Sinatra's 'New York, New York' was a bit much, but each to their own I suppose. I would have thought, Ferry Across the Mersey, would have been more apt, but oh well the crowd seemed to enjoy it! It was nice to see Liverpool partying in style, in preparation for the prestigious title of Capital of Culture 2008. I look forward to seeing what lies ahead.

Anyway on the work front, there's so many changes going on at the moment, and yours truly may even get the opportunity to go to Cyprus... all expenses paid, no less within the next few weeks. To accompany the 'chosen one', they will need the help o 6 lucky volunteers to help with the task at hand. Well, as soon as word broke that I might be going, all I heard for the rest of the day, was, "So, who are you going to pick?" and "You do know that you're my favourite boss of all time, don't you?". Not to mention the whole, "Will we get to go the beach and sunbath?" and "Do you take bribes?" My replies were of course, "Whomever can grovel the most, can go!" and "Oh dear, my coffee cup is empty, how can I possibly make a decision when i'm dying of dehydration!" (Yeah, I know, it was a bit dramatic, but then do you really expect anything else from me after all this time?) So, all of these subtleties were met with, "What can I get you?", "Is there anything, I can do for you, as I know how busy you are.", "Have I declared my undying love for you today?" You've got to love their tenaciousness! ;)

What they don't realise is, (and i'm not going to tell them yet, because this is much more fun) that the decision of whether they go or even whether i'll be going, won't be down to me! But let's be honest here, if you were being sucked up to 24/7 would you tell them the truth straight away? Nah, of course you wouldn't. I want to see just how far they'll go, and if an apple will be on my desk tomorrow morning. ;o)

AND if that wasn't the possibility of exciting news, i've got another job interview next week for a great job, and it will suit lil ol' me down to the ground. The person wanted is required to:
  • Be passionate about the work (in other words, be worked into the ground without complaining)
  • Be authoritative when required ( which means, get the whip out, when staff become unruly)
  • Make well informed decisions, and be able to stand by them (be extremely opinionated and stubborn)
  • Enjoy research (someone who loves to play on the Internet)
  • Work well with others (play nice, or we'll fire your ass!)
and my favourite one is....
  • Persuade and influence others (be exceptionally cheeky to get what your heart desires) :o)
So, personally I feel I have those qualities and I guess only time will tell. We've been told that prior to the interview we have to give a presentation. I have to say, my first thoughts were, ooh I could do a presentation on Shirtless Shep! Then I thought about doing a presentation of defining the genres in the fandom... I could do a PowerPoint presentation on the Shippers, thunkers, slashers and whumpers with visual aids to assist me! All of this was going through my mind until I was told that I was going to be given a scenario on problem staff!


Oh that'll be interesting! I suppose I could always bring in my whip as a visual aid? ;) I'll keep you informed as I go along!On a last thought before I go, little spoilers are being released about some of the Season 4 eps for Stargate, and what d you know?! There just happens to be a quest in the latter half of the season, and it involves a young girl, with what's hoped is going to be some great Shep/McKay banter! McKay + Lil ankle biters should be hilarious! I just hope the girl is successful on her quest, particularly as i'm sure it's something she's set her heart on! ;)

*kicks blogger*


atlantisfannew1 said...

Hello everyone,

Being fan of Joe Mallozzi, a forum is now devoted to him.

I'm French and not being very good in the language of Shakespeare, I wondered whether some among you will wish to be moderating if people speaking English were registered on the forum which wants to be opened with everyone.

Thanks. =)

atlantisfannew1 said...

Think for you inscription^^!

You like joseph?^^

me yes^^!

atlantisfannew1 said...

ps: Ton francais est super! merci encors =D!

A bientôt! ;)

Pocus said...

**waves at cheeky**

Good luck on getting to go on a trip and enjoy all the brown nosing that will go on until then.

Good luck on your interview. Sounds like a match made in heaven.