Thursday, 13 September 2007

Desperate times, desperate measures

Firstly, I have a confession to make. *blushes* In my defence though it was everyone else's fault for getting me too excited with all of the talk on the pre speculation threads/spoilers for season 4's Stargate Atlantis. If they hadn't gone on and on about how fantastic it was and how brilliant the storyline was, i'd not have caved... Yeah right, who am I kidding?!

Somehow, and ask me no questions and i'll tell you no lies, that the first two episodes for season 4 of Stargate Atlantis (Adrift and Lifeline) made their way on to the internet! The episodes were raw, as in no score, no sound FX and cue's coming in from directors, reflected that this was the uncut version. Yet, it has to be said, that for me it made my whole viewing pleasure even more memorable. I won't spoil it for those that won't get to see it until it premiers on the 28th September on SciFi, but let's just say that you won't be disappointed one little bit. The quality of the visible effects, the storyline the Weir arc, was executed and played out brilliantly. And in the words of Harry Potter's, Ronald Weasly, "That was bloody brilliant!"

So Mr M, here in the safety of my own blog, I feel I can once more release my burden!


Dear Mr M,

I feel I can open up to you, since a) you don’t know me, b) you’ll probably never know me, and c) I’m hiding out in the safety of my own blog! But nevertheless, I feel I can’t go forward until i've admitted to you something. Think of it as a confessional! I watched it, Season 4, episodes. The non sfx supped up, non scored eppies of Adrift and Lifeline. I couldn't help myself, it called to me, and I did give in to temptation. Now I feel I must repent!

*Squeeee*! Okay, so maybe I can pay penance later on by way of chocolate?

Joe, the eps blew my socks off! Even without all the effects and the score etc, the storylines were fantastic, great twists and turns around every corner, and it's made me that much more desperate and excited to see the full and finished version when it airs in a few weeks. It really made me appreciate how much work you all put in on a daily basis, and it's given me a greater understanding of what you guys do. Thank you for what looks to be a great season! I'm more excited than ever. And you know what else I noticed? For a handful of folk who were so adamant that they weren't going to watch, there's sure been a hell of a lot of watching! The problem with that is, irrespective of what was on screen, they never were going to be happy, because they’re too closed minded to give it a decent shot. It wouldn’t matter what the ep was, there will always be people with an agenda and their viewing pleasures would be tainted because of the changes. And the worst thing is, I never expected some of them to behave any differently. Sometimes it’s not nice to be proved right!

*hugs for a fantastic start to season 4*
Cheeky xxx

The day finally arrived for the most important interview of my career. Well, the second most important interview. The first of course being a promotion, but of course this came in as a close second; a job that I was born to do. What’s so special about this job I hear you ask? Or not?! Well, as per my previous blog entry, the person wanted was to hold certain attributes. *checks both of her favourite attributes* :P That’s one attribute sorted without even trying. ;)

This time I didn’t put on a skirt… sorry mom. After three goes of trying to put on pantyhose’s (tights) and putting a ladder in all three, I gave it up as a bad job. You know, hopping round the bedroom and trying to get your leg over (minds out the gutter) to put these tights on, only resulted in yours truly becoming hot and sweaty! And let’s face it, men *cough*Shep*cough* look good all hot, and sweaty, but I don’t! So, enough was enough

So, I donned the relevant clothes, taking into account the last interview and clothing attire. This time, not to be outshone by the interviewer in the cleavage department, I put on my brand new one of a kind ‘Hello Boys’ apparel. That was my first mistake. My friend said I looked as if I’d stuffed a pair of balloons up my shirt! Maybe the wonderbra wasn’t such a good idea after all…. But that was just the beginning of the day. You'd think that the shop would tell you when you buy this type of lingerie that you shouldn't do anything that could affect the body's response to... gravity, shall we say. So, being the good consumer I am, I feel it is my civic duty to warn all the girls out there.
Ladies, please be advised that when purchasing said, 'stopemfloppin', then you must do the jiggle test. Failing to do the jiggle can result in embarrassment for all concerned. Once you've done the jiggle, you then need to ensure that when bending over to retrieve an item 'things' don't fall out. Be advised, that gravity, is not always your friend! I had a feeling that this time it wasn't going to be the interviewer who was adjusting herself during the interview!

So anyway, I was feeling calm and quite relaxed despite the bad start and headed off for my interview. During the 20 minute presentation, things were going too well.... I knew it was too good to last. The interview was supposed to be question me with regards to achieving the job's core competencies and my application form, which i'd rehearsed backwards, front wards and sideways. I'd covered all eventualities, anything they asked me about my form, i'd have the perfect answer! So, there I was eager for them to start firing away the questions, and what does the interviewer say? "Forget what's on your form. Hypothetically, what would you do if..." Noooo!! Someone was determined to make me work hard, either that, or I really did overdo it in the cleavage department and he had forgotten what he was going to ask!

So, he asked me how I would deal with unruly employees, and I explained about my team. As per the norm, I gave the standard management speak, and so he pushed that bit harder on how i've dealt with my team, and he misunderstood what I was saying, then started asking how I dealt with them when they've rebelled against my management style! My team rebelling against me? I think not. They're vocal, and opinionated and passionate, but to me that's a great quality... and the interviewers saw this as rebellious? Ooops! Maybe i'm not what they're looking for. In the end, after ten minutes of toing and frowing with the interviewer, I told him, that it would never get to that stage because i'd tell them to 'wind their necks in' and they would! Maybe it wasn't exactly the best reply, but at least it was an honest one! LOL. I should hopefully find out if I have the job sometime over the next few days. *iz keeping everything crossed*

The worst thing is, i've got another interview tomorrow, so have to go through all this again. This time, minus the wonderbra, I think!


Dreams-of-Skies said...

Hey Cheeky!

I have a confession of my own to make -

Whilst Shep getting whumped, shirtless, sweaty, hot, bothered, pissy and bashing people's heads in with sticks would make for a lovely episode...*sighs, looks round then whispers*

I'm a Daniel-girl...sorry!! He has to come first in my whump-loving heart! *giggle*

In fact...I'm an SG1 whumper...and there's five more like me. If you'd be interested in reading some good old fashioned whumpage of the original team (Daniel in particular but Jack does too!) then you're welcome to drop by our profiles on deviantArt.

And bad you peeking at the episodes!!! But GO YOU on the interview!!! *cheers*


P.S. I'm an O'Neill-adorer as well...I'm hopeless!! *giggle*

Dreams-of-Skies said...

Just spotted your post on Mr M's blog of 18/09/07...

Watch yourself, hun...I said something similar the day before...and had some anonymous bounce all over me for it, having completely misread what I said. *sigh*

These "I hate this" fans are hopeless. It's why I stay far away from the forums.

Just, ya know, from one person who can't be done with the crap to another who doesn't like the careful. (wish they wouldn't be so gutless as to hide behind Anons all the time)


Cheeky Lil Devil said...

Don't worry hon, i'm a big girl. What I said was actually really diplomatic for me. :D

Thanks for the heads up though.... and while i'm here whaddya mean Daniel comes first??!! *iz shocked*

*passes dreams a bar of soap* ;) :P


Dreams-of-Skies said...

What?!?! *blinkblink*

Danny-boy is first in my heart...for the whumpage. O'Neill is a close second and Shep is third. It's just a case of what I'm used to...haven't really seen enough Shep-whump to get a taste for it...

Although I admit...I had a little thing for whumped Ben Browder over on Scape...*grin* That and those leather pants...

Ooooo! Soap? What flavour? *giggle*


Pocus said...

**waves at Cheeky**

Hope all went well with that second interview. Hubby is going through that type of thing but he is trying to get hired into his best friend's team. We are just waiting from BF's boss. They had an "interview" over beer, buffalo wings, and darts. At least he didn't choose to wear a wonderbra!!!

Glad to hear you loved Lifeline and Adrift. I can't wait to watch them. Still not sure what is keeping me from seeing the Rough cut versions but I am not complaining. Reading everyone's thoughts on them just makes me more excited for the season to start!

**wanders off dreaming of sweaty Shep** (as long as he is not trying to put on panthose)