Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Vid: One of my staff, showing how excited I have gotten about season 4 SGA. This, is my happy dance. :o)

To say that I’ve been a bit excitable this week would be an understatement as passions and competition between myself and my partner in crime reached new heights this week. Both of us have been vying for the same position, and recently we were called for a temporary promotion interview on his side of the business. Up to the days preceding it, both of us have been trying to psych each other out, as we commenced in a friendly game of rivalry. Ribbing each other about each others crap application forms was just the starters. Before long it had escalated when my other half was asked to see the boss. "He obviously wants to console you in private, and to let you know that you haven't got the job. You know, just in case you start crying, and make a show of yourself in front of the staff." I jested with a huge smile on my face, as he was called in to talk with his boss. It turned out his boss was giving him pointers!

I looked around, my boss was nowhere in sight. My partner in crime came out grinning like a cheshire cat, I knew then he was up to something! He never smiles in public, unless he's conspiring. I watched and waited for him to make his move. For days he kept me waiting, and watching for any sign. Somethig wasn't right here, and I couldn't put my finger on what it was. Then the day before the interview, he announced later on in the afternoon that the interviews were cancelled. What? Cancelled? Why hadn't I been notified? Then it dawned on me, this must be his plan to put me off. "I don't believe you." I told him smiling. So he ushered me over to his email messages and there in plain sight was an email from the boss advising that the interview had been cancelled and they had decided to give my evil partner in crime the job. I looked at him trying to assess how this could be. "Sorry." He told me grinning, "I guess the best man got the job after all." Best man?! Right. Well, now i'm pissed and curious, so I start to investigate. The boss was out the office and I had no one to ask if this really was the case. Dejected I had to accept the evidence in front of me. Two hours later as I headed out for home, he decides to say, "Gotcha!" Little shit. He's good, i'll give him that, but two can play at that game. :o)

On the day of the interview, I arrived in style, perfectly immaculate attire, compared to my normally casual attire. My other half who is normally in jeans and T-shirts came in that morning looking as if he had won the lottery. Whistles from the team suggested that both of us dressing up, was a sight to be hold and we bowed respectfully to our audience. Let the games commence once more! I was due to be interviewed an hour before him, but we had time before hand to have a bit of fun with each other… *minds out the gutter please* Psychological games are something of a skill, and even if I do say so myself, we’re extremely good at it. So, just before I went into my interview, a voice echoed behind me, "You do realise, they're only doing this so it doesn't look like they're playing favourites, don't you?" I laughed at his nervousness, then told him, "You keep thinking that partner in crime." And in I went to the torture chamber. Given that we'd timed everyone who went in before us, the average seemed to be 40 minutes, usually a good sign for any interview. So we'd vowed each other to keep an eye on the clock. I came in under 30 minutes. Not good. But, like the good sportswoman I am, I played it up, advising him that he needed several examples of budgeting, and competencies, (which I knew he didn't have, and had been stressing about for days). With sickly sweet innocence, that could put an angel to shame, I told him that those were the areas where the interiewers focused on. With sweaty palms and a rolling stomach, he went in. Game, set and match to me, I think. :o)

Alas, neither of us got it, but at least we had fun along the way. I'm still waiting on the results of one of my interviews. I guess no news is good news.

My goodness me, i've rambled today, and i've not even finished!!

So, as season 4 approaches, SciFi and MGM have been pulling out all the stops over the last couple of days with regards to promoting Stargate Atlantis Season 4. So can I just take this moment to say, "It's about bloody time!" One of the things that irks me, is that it feels like SGA is the ugly step sister to SG1. Hoepfully now, with some fantastic and top notch advertising at long last, it can surpass everyone's expectations and stand on it's own two feet. So, for those of you who aren't regular watchers or have no clue what i'm talking about, go check out the promo's and see what you're missing, and then tune in on September 28th for the best Atlantis season yet. So with the previews now available for us and S4 only a couple of days away, the GW Shep whump thread have finally got their squee back after a bit of a dry spell. Consequently we did go into overload yesterday after all the whump stuff that was shown in the trailers, and many of us will now require valium from now until the start of the season. Thankfully we've not got long to go, otherwise, we'd never make it. :P Ha, you think i'm being overly dramatic, don't you. Ah no, my blogging friends, go check it out and see for yourself. ;o)

So, before I finally say goodnight, what have you all got to remember, apart from petitioning SciFi and Mr M for shirtless Shep?

That's right, STARGATE ATLANTIS, SEASON 4 - Friday on SciFi at 10PM.


Pocus said...

OMG that is too funny! You sound like you have such fun at work sometimes. That is great. It balances out the carpy times.

Sorry you didn't get the position you interviewed for, but at least you had fun with the friendly competition!


Alipeeps said...

Peg hon... I might be able to help you out with *ahem* something... PM me through GW or comment on my LJ or email me... whichever.. ;) :D

Dreams-of-Skies said...

Alas, alack, SciFi I do not have...but I did manage *coughs* to *coughs* acquire a viewing of Adrift - WOO-HOO!!!! really badly wanted to cuddle him! So emotional whumpage is set!

Hope your other interviews go okay - good luck with them and your psych games sound like fun! I'm outta practise sadly...probably why I write fanfics *evil chuckle*