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Fangirl-y Moments

I know, I know I’m way behind the times. I should be cast out amongst the minions for failing to update the blog. But, for the last few weeks I’ve been having so many fangirl moments that the poor blog became neglected again. This is becoming a habit. I’m not one of those people unfortunately who was blessed with the great skill involving time management. I tend to go where the wind takes me, and if I’ve eaten beans, then I’ll head in the other direction. :P

Moving swiftly on… As usual, it’s pee break time, so go pee, grab a beverage and a pew and settle down, you might be a while. I hope there’s no limit on how much you can post in one go, otherwise I might have to curb my enthusiasm! So, I know I said that I was going to be reviewing all the SGA eps for season 4, and I’m nothing if not honest, but instead I’ve spared you from my incessant chatterboxing on here! See aren't I kind to you? I’ve attached the linkies to my extremely long posts from Gateworld, just in case one night you’re having an ‘insomniac moment’. These posts will certainly have you snoozing in about ten seconds flat. :o)

Alas my reviews for Adrift/Lifeline got mixed up with other posts, But here are Reunion and Doppelganger *squeeeeeeeeeeee*

I have never been what you’d call a ‘fangirl’. I think I was always a bit too tomboyish. I was the girl who loved playing in the dirt, eating worms and playing with snails. Not to mention trying to breed caterpillers, or rolling around the dirt with the Star Wars action figures (Han Solo in particular) and the Millenium Falcon at hand, not surprisingly I also enjoyed action men and toy soldiers. There's a shocker! I remember from my school days the girls would go nuts, start crying and screaming as their favourite pop stars made an appearance on TV or we’d gone to a concert. And I’d often wonder why the hell they made this high pitch screeching noise. To be honest it was quite annoying. I never realised back then… when I was young and naïve, that the peculiar high pitched sound (that only dogs could hear) was called ‘squee’ and that they were in fact having, what the fandom now calls ‘fangirlling’ or ‘having a fangirl moment’. It now makes perfect sense! As yes, I believe I may have had several of those moments quite recently. *thinks about Evil Shep and Shep whumped to oblivion with some chest peakage... or should I say tummy peekage.!" ;o)

So, if you’ve not fallen asleep yet, I’ve been attempting to determine if I’m slightly neurotic, having a so called ‘fangirl-y moments’ or a bit of both. Let’s see if I fit the criteria, and if the urge takes you, see if you also are a fangirl. Whilst I use the terminology ‘fangirl’, my male friends on Gateworld advise me that they to have on occasions suffered from this wonderful affliction, which is always good to hear.

Let’s see how we do. ;o)

What is a fangirl/fanboy?

A fangirl moment according to urban dictionary is usually a human female who is obsessed with either a fictional character or an actor. Similar to the breed of fanboy. Fangirls congregate at anime conventions and livejournal. Have been known to glomp, grope, and tackle when encountering said obesessions.

Well… obsessed, *thinks of shirtless shep* okay, I’ll have to give them that. Congregate at conventions and livejournals… I’m guessing Gateworld counts to. So, we’re two for two, so far! Glomp?? Okay just what the heck is glomp? It sounds like something that’s stuck on your shoe! I need to check really to see if I glomp, don’t I? Grope and tackle? Well, I think my mother not to mention the actors would have issues if I started groping them, don’t you think. And I’m not that cheeky to go around playing with someone’s tackle! What? Is that not what they meant? *Adjusts her halo* Okay, I have to ask how can you grope, or ‘glomp’ a fictional character? I’m going off on a tangent now aren’t I?


A female who has overstepped the line between healthy fandom and indecent obsession.

*reads the definition* oookay, indecent…. Hmm. Do thoughts count? I really don’t think saying that I want Shep to be shirtless for the last… er… 7 months is obsessive! In fact, I feel I’ve been quite restrained on this topic, besides, you know how caring and thoughtful I am. I do this not for myself, but for my fandom! So, what’s next?

This one, I think I’m going to look at one by one! I’d love to know which stage you’re at. ;o)

Stages of fangirlling

BELOW AVERAGE FANGIRL - This fangirl is the least likely to cause chaos or mayhem, insult or annoy someone else who is not a fangirl (or boy, if they happen to be male). They admit that they have a slight obsession for something/one, and are mature about it. While they might use smilies (XD, XP, ^_^) and occasionally rant, they try not to go overboard about it.

Least likely to cause chaos and mayhem. Oh this is definitely me! Because I never cause trouble in the fandom. Nope, not me! And that whole maturity thing? I’d never do anything immature online or in work. Wow who would have thought that I was so average?! But, for curiosities sake, what say we take a peek at the ‘average fangirl’?

AVERAGE FANGIRL-This fangirl is the most commonly seen fangirl across the Internet, and are generally harmless. They are prone to making shrines, annoying people with their "fantasies" of meeting or marrying their idol, bad grammar, and just being immature about the object of their obsession/affection. Many of these also write fanfics, causing such places as to be cluttered with stories that could use a good editing and rewriting all together. Another common trait about them is their tendency to rant, be easily insulted, and excessively "glomp", squeal and use chat speak in places where it is not appropriate.

Annoying people with their fantasies… well this can’t be me, because I never annoy anyone with talk of shirtless Shep. *waves to Reefgirl who does not find Sheppard sexy and who became slightly pissed when I invaded her anti-sheppard thread* As for the ranting, I do have the pen chance to go into rant mode. But, in my defence, people need to just accept the fact that I’m always right! Then, maybe I wouldn’t need to rant as much. ;o) Lastly, what’s with the glompping? I’ve seen it so many times, and I just don’t get it at all! Is it dirty? *Cough* One can only hope!
ABOVE AVERAGE FANGIRL -This fangirl is above the previous fangirl, and has thus let her obsession go beyond healthy levels. They tend to squee a lot more than other fangirls, and are more easily to insult or anger if you tell them that their "idol" is just a two-dimensional character, or someone whom they will most likely never meet. Their fantasies go beyond the fantasies of the "average" fangirl, along with all of their other tendencies. These are the fangirls most dislike and tend to stay away from due to their ability to easily annoy others, and their high levels of immaturity.

Firstly, maturity is so overrated, and sooooo boring! I ask you, what’s so wrong with having a good squee? I think my fantasies regarding Shep (minus the shrt of course) are quite normal! My goal is to allow the squee to rule the fandom. Mr F on the other hand fears for the safety of his fangirls, and has declined to take off his shirt (just yet) in case the squee gets out of control. I dare say if that happened, he may be right! But, oh my goodness, what a way to go! And I dare anyone not to have a fangirl moment over evil shep!
One last thing, before I go! MR M, when you next have Shep whumped to oblivion, please can we have an intubation scene that includes, Shep all hot, sweaty and requiring chest compressions first! Doc Keller didn't do it right, so we need you to do it again, just to make sure she doesn't kill off Shep the next time by doing it incorrectly! So, I hope you don't mind, but I've given you the instructions, grateful if you could pass these on to Mr C, next time he does a sequel to DG!So without further ado! Chest compressions for Shep... the Cheeky way!
  • *squee* Sorry had to get that off my chest!
  • The shirt would be gone (for medical emergency reasons of course)! Although obviously i'd try not to drool on Shep!
  • Rip or cut the shirt open. Ripping obviously would get me squeeing. However, I don't really mind, as we would have at least some chest peekage! And by peekage, I actually mean from his neck to his tummy! ;)
  • Give 30 chest compressions (Obviously I may at this stage be on my way to having a fangirl moment.)
  • The heel of my hand would be placed in the centre of his chest. (And I promise, I wouldn't try to cop a feel), as Shep would be dead by the time i've finished!)
  • Placing my other hand on top and interlock fingers, i'd at this stage i'd only be looking at the positioning of my hands.
  • Then, keeping my arms straight and my fingers off his chest (that would be the most difficult part of the procedure btw), i'd press down by 4-5cms. then release the pressure, keeping my hands in place. (Well, i'd lose my positioning, wouldn't I) ;)
  • I'd have to repeat the compressions 30 times, at a rate of 100 per minute. Oh the hardship of having my hands there all that time!
Obviously at this point, Keller would come in and place him on a ventilator... just for our whumper friend SD, not to mention the rest of the whumping crew! Well, turnabout is fair play. Ronon, Teyla, Weir, Sam, and Rodney have all been intubated, it's only fair that Shep gets some! ;)

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