Monday, 10 January 2011

New Year and New Beginnings

It's been a while since i've posted, but i've got a fairly good excuse. I've been traveling around Asia specifically; China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea. Loved every minute of it... what I was allowed to see anyway after being confined to my quarters due to contracting Pneumonia whilst away. To top it off we witnessed a boat sinking, was involved in a rescue for survivors and just missed a Tropical storm. Well, I always said I loved adventure, and to say it was adventurous would be an understatement.

For two whole weeks I had the pleasure of visiting so many different places and I loved every minute of it. In particular I got the chance to go back to the place I was born. It was quite a surreal moment standing there looking at the place where my parents lived nearly 40 years ago, the place I was born and lived. I promised my mom and dad that I would eventually go back to Kowloon, and I've been fortunate enough to fulfil 2 lifelong dreams in my lifetime, roll on the third... I'm hoping the next one will be to go to L.A and see NCIS Los Angeles being filmed and to meet the actors. Hopefully that dream will be a reality sooner rather than later, will now by the end of the week.

Anyway getting back to Hong Kong, I always dreamed of going back with mom and dad, and never for one minute thought i'd be there without them. I couldn't imagine it, so I did the only thing I could, take the picture they had done in Hong Kong and take it with me on my journey.

The trip itself was everything i'd dreamed of and more, except for the pneumonia, tropical storm, capsized ship... After I got home, went back to the docs for more nebulizer treatment and he kindly informed me that if he ever saw me getting on the same plane/boat or holiday as him, he'd run a mile in the opposite direction. After careful consideration, I do find that bad things tend to follow me around a lot. Ah well, life would be pretty boring otherwise I suppose, although the whole people dying on me is getting really old now and if anyone's listening, i'd actually like to have a whole year go by without witnessing a death, having a family member or friend die. It would actually make a nice change...

Swiftly moving on, Christmas was exceptionally quiet now that i'm an orphan, I didn't really relish feeling like Oliver Twist over Christmas, so I decided to buy myself presents, sad but true. Glad I got my gifts in before getting snowed in. I wasn't so sad as to wrap them up and leave them under the true. But, I did carry out my tradition which involved the film, "It's a wonderful Life" and a huge glass of Baileys. It should be noted that I only drank the bailey's for medicinal purposes. :)

I'll try and post some pics of my holidays and of getting snowed in, but as I can't be bothered at the moment it'll have to wait. ;) Hope everyone has a great New Year. I plan to start mine off with a brand new job (yes, finally left work after lots of umming and ahhing), and maybe even a brand new life if i'm lucky. Who knows what the future holds... but seriously if there are any psychics, fortune tellers out there, would love to know if i'm going to win the lottery as this year I plan to live life to the max... and unfortunately my credit card is at its max...

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