Friday, 29 November 2013

I'm no conspiracy theorist.... but

Over the last few months i've been reading up on history, watching video's of my own history and looking in depth at programmer's from the TV. My recent history browsing revolves around the attack on 11th September 2001 in America.

I've read all the conspiracy theories about 9/11, and to be honest a lot of it I take with a pinch of salt. At the end of the day, two planes (irrespective of if they were drones, United Airlines aircraft, Military Aircraft or missiles), the twin towers came down and killed a lot of people that day. Not only that, but a lot of other people have suffered ever since.

What has intrigued me since that day is not the twin towers, but instead the 'alleged' crash of United Airlines 93 and the crash at the Pentagon. For all those that believe 9/11 did happen in its entirety and I mean the whole kit and kaboodle of the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the crash of Flight 93, answer me just a couple of questions.

Firstly, where is the wreckage of both planes? There is no fuselage, no wheels, no remains indicative of any air crash in the history of air crashes.

Secondly why haven't the American government looked at both crash sites, and thought... where is the wreckage? Are  investigators, governmental officials, newspaper and TV journalists, forensic officials so inept, that they all believe that planes can miraculously disappear taking with it all, heck even the majority of forensic evidence with it. There are some things on heaven and earth that you can't get away from, and that's completely disregardiaircrashng the laws of physics... So, I ask you all, Why the lies? Why has there been no huge public outcry? Do even investigative journalists and news reporters such as Sky, Fox news, CNN believe things can disappear without a trace? Even government photographs show that there is no wreckage.

Surely people are not that stupid? Are they? They also can't use the argument of, "The aircraft" evidence was taken away. That would never happen in a criminal investigation as everything should be bagged and tagged. So that's that theory out of the window.

All I ask is for people to look at the evidence. Evidence cannot lie. It cannot be manipulated, or coerced or changed, or details warped by the passing of time. It is, what it is. So, given the picture below, Flight 93 crash site. What is your opinion.

Now look at other crashed aircrafts. Notice a difference?

If we look at the Lockerby bombing in Scotland in the 80's, even a bomb going off hundreds of feet in the air didn't result in total destruction of every single piece of the aircraft. So, can someone explain how on earth not once, but twice, two United Airlines aircraft apparently disintegrated on impact?

TAM Airlines Flight #3054 Airbus A320 dated July 17th 2007

Trans Air cessna August 2010 Papa New Guinea

As anyone can clearly see. irrespective of the size of the aircraft, the trajectory, or the location on impact, there is always wreckage, learge parts of the aircraft always survives, and can't simply be removed by getting a brush and shovel. 

Anyone who says otherwise isn't being honest. So exactly what are they hiding and why? And when will people be told the truth I wonder?

Okay conspiracy theories finished. If you can be bothered, let me know your thoughts. 

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