Friday, 8 June 2007

Freaky Friday

Well, the news isn't good. I guess my top wasn't low enough to get me that promotion; damn that new clothing attire policy! Either that, or the woman got jealous that my boobs were bigger than hers and she didn't want the competition! ;) Or maybe the interviewers found out that I loved Stargate and would most likely spend the day watching SGA and SG1 episodes and posting on GW as opposed to actually doing the work that I was going to be paid to do? :D Would I do that? *tries to look as innocent as possible*

So today in work was pretty eventful as always, with silliness afoot. What can I say, it's like freaky Friday some days in work... For those reading on a Saturday, no I haven't got my days mixed up, I just needed to get a dongle. And for those non tech savvy amongst us, please raise your hand.. I see you. *waves* Well, for the record, it's nothing rude. When my co-manager advised me that I needed to get a dongle, you can imagine where my brain went... His smut talk is worse than mine normally, and I thought because he knows i'm single that he was suggesting something very naughty... and well.... *cough* You catch my drift.

So anyway, swiftly moving on…

This dongle apparently allows you to 'zap' (that's the technical term by the way) stuff from your mobile to your PC and it instantaneously appears on your computer. Why am I telling you all of this? Well there were quite a few shenanigans in the office today and I wanted to post the pics, but couldn't, due to my not having a dongle.. until tomorrow, when I shall purchase my newest acquisition and have a play.

What was I saying? Oh yes, shenanigans! We've had a move around the office today and for some reason it caused a bit of hilarity. It started off like any normal day in the office, when it was decided that we would have a move around. But you know what that's like... it's like school, with people saying I don't want to sit with so and so... I swear they're worse than teenagers. So we did this in the most diplomatic way possible; we put all the names in the hat and coordinated them with desks and had a special drawing for the occasion. As it worked out, the seating plan resulted in a girls v boys type of set up (completely unintentional). But it means yours truly is now a rose between the thorns and I will no doubt be subjected to talk of boobs, butts and football for the foreseeable future. And let me assure you it's already begun. After lunch I found the boys huddled round in a semi circle like women at a coffee morning... and they say women gossip?

The move around took place later on in the day, and began with staff having 'chicken races' with their respective pedestals. The said moving of pedestals resulted in items being found behind the desks.. items which included a very scary black ski mask, and a porno DVD... I'm not quite sure of the title, but my co-manager is keeping the cover... for reasons known only to him! Staff have obviously strenuously denied that the apparel belong to them, but a ski mask and porno? I don't know about you, but I know what my thoughts were... *wonders if she can get hold of the security tapes* :P

As some of the girls got their stuffed animals and plastic...reptiles settled on their new desks, (don't ask) one of the lads decided to have a little fun while the girls were at lunch. I knew nothing about what happened and only became aware of the 'incident' after 'said' lad went on an interview and the girls had come back to lunch. A gasp of horror escaped their lips so I went over to investigate. It turns out one of the girls plastic reptiles, Lenny as he's affectionately known, had been... *struggles to find the words* ...violated, shall we say! Shocked and appalled the girls decided to retaliate, by stealing the lad's... 'voodoo doll'... and subsequently held the 'doll' for ransom, as pictured above...

Alas I was not around to see the start of the negotiations, but I look forward to a full report on Monday morning. Just to let you know the blog seems to be a bit screwy on the formatting today...not quite sure why. Perhaps it's the level of smut on this post?
I wouldn't mind, but i've not even mentioned a certain Lieutenant Colonel's chest, so it can't be that smutty. ;)


Pocus said...

LOL!!!!! You must work with some fun people. Or you rub off on them at times.

I think if I were you, I would much rather be sitting with the boys. I work with 9 other women and let me just say "Meow" to the cattiness that goes on daily. I had a class of 10 girls and 4 boys once...I couldn't wait until that school year was over. This year I had a group on 9 boys no girls. We had a fantastic year! Yeah for the boys.

Linz said...

OMG! That was so funny. Poor little lizzard though, what happened to him is just wrong on so many levels!

So you're stuck between two boys? Something tells me you'll keep them firmly in cheek , er, I mean check...

Boys can be just as gossipy as girls, and as girlie too! Lol! I think you'll hold your own... ;)

Yes, what's happend to shirtless Shep? No talk of him recently? I think of him all the if you didn't know!

Well, keep up the good work, it would've been cool if you had worked from home, because I could have distracted you all day! Hee hee. Then again, perhaps it was good things didn't work out!

Your blog always cheers me up. The posters here are so polite and sweet too, well not including me. I'm nuts and too vocal, I know. But the other posters are lovely!!!

Linz said...

Yeah, so I didn't read my post properly and put two z's in lizard. I've created a new reptile!

Ok, time for me to lie down again... ;)