Saturday, 16 June 2007

Out of the shadows

Well, as usual I am in a rambling mood, more long-winded than normal! There's a shocker. So for those with weak bladders, go pee! Then grab a beverage and pull up a chair. Make yourself comfy I will be a while. :o)

So, Vengeance aired on Friday night in the US, the penultimate episode of Season 3. Vengeance, Submersion and First strike's ratings will apparently dictate whether fans will get season 5 or not. Whether I like it or not, executives will make a finding of whether to renew the show based on the latter parts of S3, which personally I found preposterous. After all the shake up SGA has had over the last few months, I would hope that logic would dictate somewhat as to wait a few months until S4 starts airing. And hope that will show a more reflective figure of the SGA viewers.

Like most fans on the net these days, I do tend to download the eps airing, not because I want the show to fail... far from it. I'm hoping against all odds that SGA will stand up on it's own two feet and to step being the ugly duckling. My reasons for downloading the eps, are selfish, in that I can't wait a further 4 months or so after it was initially aired elsewhere. I'm not that patient! Does it mean I won't watch again when it airs in my own country? Or buy the DVD's? Of course not. And a lot of fans I speak to are of the same mind. So personally I don't feel as if the lower than average ratings for SGA are due to downloads, but are as a result of an improvement in technology. And until such a time as advertisers and executives realise that we are now living in the 21st century and that there previous methods of detecting ratings are outdated, then shows such as this will potential fall through the cracks and be cancelled!

I know there are those saying they won't watch. for reasons I can completely understand. To them, their favourite show has changed to a point where they feel as if it won't be 'their show' anymore. I get that, really I do. Some of those people are already saying they won't watch, and it could potentially have an impact on the ratings in the long term. But, what I find completely bizarre and will probably never understand is, that they're saying that since they heard that these characters are leaving or being made reoccurring then it automatically infers that it's not their show anymore, without even seeing how the changes in cast will be reflected in the new season. They may actually find that these 'core changes' could improve things, or that the quality of those characters coming back will enhance their enjoyment, because the eps they return in, could very well be centered around them or on them. Instead though, we are to endure the endless negativity of said posters for the foreseeable future.

Now don't get me wrong, i'm all for people having an opinion, be it positive or negative. For me those it's how they word their points of view and what tone they use. Some posts i've seen are just down right inflammatory and rude! Now though it doesn't seem to be centered on the loss of those characters, or the gap their role will leave behind. For some reason some people have taken it upon themselves to bash the whole fandom, be it SG1 or SGA... for reasons known only to them.

Well, I have an inkling of why they behave the way they do. They are miserable! And since misery loves company, they believe everyone should be as unhappy as they are. They're jealous, bitter and twisted because their [insert character/pairing/show] has been disrupted, and they want things back as they were. So they're going to throw a tantrum and make as much noise as humanly possible to ensure their voices are heard. The more vitriolic they are, the more outraged others become, and it spurs them on; because in a sense we're fuelling the fire. Normally I will hold my tongue and try and see things from other people's perspectives. But you know what? It's at the point now where I want to tell those 'vitriolic posters' to piss off and stop whinging, because they're making me lose my temper. And woe betide anyone who makes me lose my temper. It takes at least ten years for me to get to that stage so i'm not due a rampant outrage for at least another 7 years! :P And it has to be said, they won't like me when i'm angry! I am not a nice person. I'm like the incredible hulk when I lose my temper, hehehe. Not a pretty sight.

The thing is, JM has already said Beckett is coming back for a few eps, so is Weir. But, by not watching the episodes where they're not in it or not watching it all, because they want more. Then they're effectively cutting their noses of to spite their face. If they don't watch S3 and S4 then the hope that 'their show' will come back will not become a reality, because the show will be cancelled. If that happens I can guarantee there will be one or two that will gloat! You know what though, i've never been one to let other people get me down for more that a few hours so...

*grabs her jug of happiness and tops her glass up*
My spidey sense says that there will be a season 5, and i'm very rarely wrong on that score. But just to make sure i'll keep everything crossed! Anyway enough doom and gloom onto the goodies. I've not reviewed Submersion... *hangs head in shame* But let's face it Sheppard wet AND whumped how could that episode fail in my eyes. :o) I would say this though, as a slight criticism, Shep should have gotten out of those wet clothes, poor man could have gotten hypothermia!
*looks at what she's written*

Hmmm, as a whumper, should I be complaining at the possibly of Shep becoming all hot and feverish and needing icing down in a cold bath? I only say this as it could have been integral to the plot. :P

Moving swiftly on!

Vengeance... there were so many things that I adored about this ep, right from the start. At the initial opening we see Ronon teaching Rodney how to bantu fight. It really was a classic moment. With Rodney attempting to be brave with what looked like a shield around his stomach and dressed up in his karate gui (which i'm assuming he acquired it off the set of ADB) hehehe, Cheeky lil Devil. Throughout the episode, fans were rewarded with some great team and character moments, with the stage set in some abandoned building complete with slime oozing down the wall. Coupled with a dark dank atmosphere, this episode had all the hallmarks of a great 45 minutes worth of entertainment and it didn't disappoint at all. It had action, intensity, mind whump and team moments galore, and i'm sure it's going to be up there with the best of S3!

So what did I love in particular?

  • Ronon and Rodney sparring ( I loved seeing them build on their friendship from TOR)
  • Nice to see continuity (The super volcano people)
  • Shep mind whump with the bugs (Squeeeeeee, I loved that he didn't take his eyes of the bug the whole time he was in that room with it!)
  • Blowing up the bugs and Rodney's comments of "Did you use enough dynamite their butch!" *giggles*
  • Teyla and Michael's moments
  • Sheppard's "I hate those bugs" hehehe, i'd love to see that built up on in S4.
  • Ronon calling Sheppard 'John' and disagreeing with him. (For me it shows how far the character has come and that he's now settled in the team).
  • The whump! (Only criticism) We need more blood... Don't shake your head that i've said it, we need it for authenticity. :D

Well i'd be here all day, and i've rambled on enough. I'm hoping that the writers will play on Sheppard's fears more in S4, and allow his character to show a bit of fragility. I will continue to squee with delight at the forthcoming eps, and only hope that the air date is sooner than the fall.

As for the quest for shirtless Shep... well, I think i'm still on 'the testing of Cheeky's patience' at the moment. But, it's still early days, so I think i'm right on course. :o)


Pocus said...

Hold on.....dashes to bathroom.....dashes back. Whew, just made it. I took your advice at the beginning and got myself a drink. I think I will skip that part next time.

OK, about what you are saying about grumpy people, nothing new to add. You said it all so well.

Submersion, yes Shep should have had to change clothes because of being wet but....HE DRIED OFF MUCH TOO QUICKLY ANYWAY!!!!

Loved Vengence. It was dark, creepy, and scary! Poor whumped JF got sick during filming. Great interaction between ALL characters. Need more now please!

Mackenziesmomma said...

*waves politely* Hi cheeky, i wandered over from twitter(and Joe M's blog) and was perusing yours and must say that I agree about the 'misery loves company' people. I have a couple other fandoms I am in(NCIS most notably), where characters that were 'vital' have left the show and people just get so upset about it they just quit watching.

Now while I was upset with first season SGA because MY personal favorite character left- doesn't mean I quit watching(okay yes i just started back in april). I took the changes with a little bit of huff and puff went out bought season 2 and took it like a big girl.

I am quite intrigued to see how they pull off season 4 even though Carson and Weir wont be around all the time like they have been. You know what? I think they can still do it even without them.

Oh and vengence was awesome it was the 2nd first run ep I was able to catch this season and it was good enough to induce me to download I-Tunes just so I could get that ep if none other(which i ended up with the whole season) to watch whenever i wanted.

atlantisfannew1 said...

super les photos! ton blog a l aire génial! dommage que je ne parle pas anglais!