Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Harry Potter Mania

After months of waiting and speculation, I wondered if I would be like one of those people you see in the newspapers who queue's for hours on end waiting for that perfect gadget or first edition book. In truth, I may be a little impatient but I can sure wait a few hours until the queues died down to get the latest copy of Harry Potter.

As I do every weekend I go see my mom in hospital, and we chat... Well, it tends to be me who does most of the talking. I know it's so hard to believe, because i'm normally such a quiet person. I tell her all the news over the last week and let her know the ins and outs of the Stargate fandom. I try not to take offence as she closes her eyes... because she's obviously trying to picture what the Stargate fandom could be like. ;)


So, I bid her farewell and head off to the shop to get my Harry Potter book: Deathly Hallows all 607 pages of pure escapism. *squee* It does the job as SGA is on hiatus, and I can only 'squee' now and again thanks to some yummies (Thank you, Mr M) until it airs on September 28th! Don't forget to mark it in your calenders. Only 65 more sleeps! Woohoo. Sorry, i'm getting carried away now. So, Deathly Hallows. It's been a very very long time since i've had a few hours to myself and I get the opportunity to sit down and read a book. So, I set myself a few hours to read, as i'm one of those people that once they start a book, I find it extremely hard to put it down (especially when it's a good book). So, I timed myself to start it early, then finish it off before going to see my mom. That was the plan. But alas, the more engrossed I became the faster I read, but obviously not fast enough. And there was no way on Earth i'd finish it before seeing mom on the Sunday.

So... *bows head in shame* I have a confession to make to my mom. Mom, i'm sorry, but I didn't come and see you on Sunday because I was... too engrossed in Harry Potter! I feel so ashamed. I blew my mother off to spend quality time with a book. Now obviously i'm not going to get the daughter of the year award after this. So how do I break it to her? I'm really bad at lying, I start stroking my nose (obviously subconsciously emulating Pinocchio) and am wondering what the heck am I going to say to my mother! Any ideas?

I was in work on Monday and one of the girls was asking who had died, in Harry Potter, not because I looked so guilty at not seeing mom. Ha! I thought I was a spoiler whore. Trust me i'm nothing compared to her! So as not to spoil it for anyone else, I wrote it on a bit of paper and handed it to her.A shriek of shock escaped her lips, and for the twenty minutes I had to go over the plot of the story and tell her what happened! I didn't mind, because with all the questions she was asking, I honestly thought she was interested. "So, when are you going to read the book then?" I asked excitedly so that we could compare notes. "Oh i'm not going to read it, i'll wait for the film to come out." I did the math. It was going to be at least two years before it came out. Shocked, I asked her why she wasn't going to read it. Her answer, "I can't be bothered!" Great! Next time i'm going to keep my mouth shut.

Anyway, getting back to the book. I won't spoil it for you for those that haven't read it yet, but personally I thought it had action, angst and oh my goodness lots of whump *wants that for Shep*. But I have to say the final ending just didn't sit right with me. It felt off... wrong. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was, but needless to say, I'm not fussed on cheesy endings, but it did smell of Vieux Boulogne. Maybe it was just me? But, at the end of reading certain books, I sort of like the fact that things aren't always... neatly wrapped up, shall we say! I like to use my imagination on certain endings. I enjoy those little strings that keep me hanging on and keep me on the edge of my seat, and keep me wondering. Even though I know it's the last book, I just wished for a different ending to what we got. I'd rather it had finished at the end of chapter 36, and left the readers with our own imaginations about what lay in store for the future! But, hey, that's just me, I like a bit of mystery regarding characters to keep me guessing as well as to keep my interest. For me, if you know 'everything' about a character including the future, then where's the excitement? Where's the suspense? Where does you imagination take you from that point on? Okay now i'm rambling, so I think it's time to call it a day.

Answers on what to tell my mom on a post card please!No stamp required. ;)


Pocus said...

Yeah you read it too! I did really enjoy it also. Loved how things from earlier books were addressed. Loved how I never knew who was safe and who wasn't. Loved the emotional stresses put on everyone.

Not thrilled with the long gaps of time in between action. She would say weeks/months had passed and not much had happened. It just seemed like things wrapped up in normal school year span as they usually did. Also could have done with out the epilogue.

At least you got a long span of time to read in. I was hoping for a full Sunday of nothing but Harry but ended up having to read it for 4 days in between RL happenings.

One of the neat things about reading this though has been the fact that I am digging out books again. I have been reading so much fan fic that I have not had the pleasure of holding a book and curling up with it and just spending time in another world. Fanfiction is great but there is something about a "book" that is just different.

"What book did I start with?" you ask. Why Exogenisis, an Atlantis story.

atlantisfannew1 said...

Waou ce tome a l aire génial!! spoiler spoiler, je veux des spoiler..non restons calme^^ sorti francaise n est prévu qu en Octobre ...