Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Fear can save you or it can hinder you. I have a couple of fears, but to me there is nothing worse than a visit to the dentist. My heart palpates and I hate it so much that even sitting in the chair feels like a fate worse than death! Yeah, I know, i'm over exaggerating again, but well I wouldn't be me otherwise, would I? ;) For the last few months, I have taken everything available on the market to alleviate my toothache; which includes oil of cloves (which stunk the office out, much to the chagrin of my colleagues) to acupressure. Finally after much cajoling from colleagues, friends and family, I bit the bullet.

Standing outside the dentist surgery, I tried to convince myself that everything was okay and that the pain really wasn't bad... (getting up at 3am to put a pack of cold peas on my cheek didn't even convince me) :P So, there I was, looking through the window contemplating whether to go in or not, the pain, as I said wasn't too bad at that moment. It really had nothing to do with the fact that an hour earlier i'd taken enough pain meds to sink a battleship. Everything was fine, and that's what I kept telling myself over and over again. Finally after ten minutes of walking up to the door then walking away, I relented. That familiar sensation of dread built up and I was ushered into a side room with (I have to say) a very nice dentist. But she made her first mistake by wanting me to sit in the big chair! Was she nuts? She reassured me that she wouldn't do anything that time, so I sat down holding my breath. "You have to actually open your mouth." She told me. Right, I suppose that would help diagnose the problem. But then, she got an instrument out and went to poke it in my mouth. "What are you doing?" I cried out in protest. "I need to tap the tooth to make sure it's still alive." She told me calmly. Trust me the bloody things been killing me for months. I can categorically say that it's alive and out for vengeance!

Putting away the instrument, she then once more proceeded to look inside my mouth. With my heart pounding away, I held my breath for what seemed like an eternity, and then she said "All done, you can breath now." Thank goodness, I was becoming slightly lightheaded. She told me very nicely that I could get out of the chair before I had a heart attack from the fear! Nice lady, she obviously knows me well.

So when she told me that i'd have to have treatment (because i'd left it so long) I was not a happy camper. However, she did assure me that she would sedate me. Bless her little cotton socks. With that, my friend said she'd come with me on the next visit to hold my hand, and make sure I didn't say or do anything stupid. Not that I would of course, but given my healthy obsession with shirtless Shep, I might say a few things i'd regret, especially as she knows nothing about 'The Quest'. Secretly I think she only agreed to come with me, so that she could laugh at things she thought I would say under sedation! Ha! No chance, i've been sedated before and never said anything ridiculous.... Until yesterday.

With a brave face, and Valium taken, my friend came with me yesterday. And it was only today I actually find out all the things i'd said... Apparently even under sedation my fear knows no bounds, as I refused to open my mouth to get the treatment. Well, at least i'm consistent. :o) In the end they apparently had to bring my friend in to co-operate. I'm never going to live that down. After surgery, I was taken into a side room, where my blood pressure rocketed as I once more realised that I was in a dentist chair. Alarmed that my blood pressure was sky high, the dentist told my friend not to worry, as if I was in any danger i'd start fitting! There's a comforting thought! Apparently she (my friend) asked me if I was ok as soon as the alarm bells sounded. The only thing I vaguely recollect is that I remember looking at her, and noticed that she had 3 heads; which surprisingly didn't freak me out, but from her account, it did freak her out, lol. As she panicked, I apparently found the whole thing hilarious and began giggling like a school girl at my three headed friend and the two headed doctor. I think the fact that I wasn't freaked out by my friend having several heads means I might be watching too much Sci-Fi. But, it has to be said, it could potentially hold me in good stead if we're ever approached by ET! ;)

So, as I recovered slightly and headed out to pay, with my friend holding me up. The lady told me the cost and I handed over a £20 note. It's £200, not £20 she told me. I remember looking at the note, and I definitely saw a £200 note. Now, in my defence I know there is no £200 in circulation, but she could have at least humoured me until I came back to reality!

I still even now have no idea how I got home or what else was said, but my friend has been having lots of fun today telling staff about my little escapades. I'll have to try and find a way to get my own back now!

That's one thing i'd love to see in SGA S4... No not someone going to the dentist, but a phobia of some sorts. Sheppard is the perfect choice to explore this, with his fear and loathing of bugs. And who knows we might get to see him go a bit nuts and lose it for a while. I don't think having a hero lose it, takes away anything from the character, or makes them any less heroic. In fact the opposite is true, as it makes them more human, and people can identify with those feelings and fears to some degree. So i'm going to keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. Mr M, if you ever read this, please can we have Shep not be the hero and losing the plot.... and on that subject maybe he could lose his shirt at the same time. *puts on her most cheekiest of expressions* ;o)


Pocus said...

((hugs for your trip))

I hate the dentist. I have two broken teeth in my mouth letting in all sorts of infections I am sure, but would I go to the dentist to have them fixed? Not on your life. They don't hurt right now. I will wait until I am in a condition such as you were, and then I will think about it for a good, long time!

Phobia on Atlantis. That would be great. Shep hates those bugs. Of course if he would develop a phobia of wearing shirts, that would be nice too!

Garry said...

Hi there. I received a follow request from you at twitter, but I'm afraid I don't know who you are... Do you have an lj or ij? I am happy to friend you there if your interest is fannish.

Garry said...

Oops, blogger didn't give my email w/ my login. It's dogpoet/gmail.

Cheeky Lil Devil said...

Garry, we're like ships in the night. :D I can't email you :( as I don't have your full email addy.

Mine is if you want to mail me. Sorry I can't get in touch with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi...this is actually about a comment you made on Joseph Mallozzi's blog: "Finally finished HP :D Loved most of it, was disappointed with the very last bit... but overall how can you possibly go wrong with such a noble quest. :P"
I felt exactly the same way!! It was such a great book but I felt after the ending there should have been a bit more dialogue between the characters. I didn't think the epilogue was well written. It seemed to have a different writing style..not very J.K., and it seemed very disjointed from the end of the book. Still overall it was fantastic...just wish the last bit hadn't been the poor part of the book.