Sunday, 15 July 2007

Race for life

Oh my, I have rambled on a bit. So as usual, go pee then grab yourself a beverage, you might be a while. Sorry. Some people are suspicious when it's Friday the 13th, and I am one of those people. Everything was going swimmingly without any problems on this fateful day. For a whole 6 hours I thought i'd escaped the curse. Alas it was not to be. As I left work early to attend a friend's leaving do, we had a late lunch at a lovely restaurant while a few of us stayed behind to gossip, as our remaining co-workers trundled back to the office. So there we were, having a good old chinwag about the goings on, and we find out that certain people are having an affair right under our very noses. One of whom was under me! Thankfully not literally, as he's a bit of a weasel. That same person was whom was sent to assist me. As it turned out, all the times he kept disappearing was to see her. It all makes sense now. I asked my new boss (apparently my old one became too exasperated with me... I wonder why?) *puts on her most innocent expression* So anyway, I asked my new boss why if they new these shenanigans were going on, that she put 'him' with me. 'Well I knew you could sort him out!' I never realised I had such a reputation!

After our gossip session ended we headed out to the pub, but I left early to get some last minute things for the race. Heading off I got what was necessary and headed to the till, only to have my card rejected. The first time, could simply have been an error, and as the queue formed behind me, I tried to hide my embarrassment once more as it failed to go through a second and third time. Shocked and appalled I took out 'old faithful' my mom's credit card. Thankfully it worked and I left the shop with heavy heart.

To try and sort this problem out, I headed to the bank whereby I waited for 30 minutes to see someone about this predicament. After too long a wait it turns out it was their error and they'd inadvertently cancelled my card as it was due to expire. Nice of them to let me know! So with about £1.50 in my purse I still hadn't acquired what I needed. A very necessary item called a 'stopemfloppin' for the race. Heading into town, I headed for the lingerie department whereby I was greeted by a very... excitable assistant, who was very nice, but a bit too fond of playing with things that she had no business playing with! All under the guise of 'helping me' find that perfect 'stopemfloppin'. In the end, I told her that it had been some time since someone had helped me dress and that I could manage perfectly well, thank you, before making a hasty retreat.

As I headed for the train home, I learned the trains were cancelled due to a fallen tree, and that I would have to get onto a replacement bus. No problem you'd think wouldn't you? But this is me, and my life is never that straight forward. So after being delayed for an hour already, I got told by the train driver that instead of getting a replacement bus, I could wait for a few minutes until the next train was due (as they'd just about finished clearing the track). Sweet. So, I waited. Then said stupid driver said he was only having a laugh and that we could be waiting a while. We'll see how much he's laughing when his boss finds out! So, by the time I got to where the buses were supposed to be, they had all left and I was left stranded; with pittance in my pocket and no money in my phone. Great! I headed for the bus stop with a hand full of coppers in my purse (that's nickel's and dimes to the US folk). And hope that i'd have enough money to get home. "£2.35" said the bus driver. Crap. He obviously must have seen my face and said, how much have you got on you? "How far will £1.50 take me?" I asked him, thinking I might have to walk the rest of the way. Bless that man's heart, he obviously took pity on me and accepted what I had. And finally I was on my way home after 2 1/2 hours on a journey that takes 15 minutes tops!

For those that haven't given up reading... sorry i'm a bit long- winded today. :o) I completed my Race for life today and raised £164 for Cancer research (see previous blog on the trial and suffering of Cheeky's quest) :P

I've been excitable about this race for months, purely because people have said that there was no way I would have finished the race with all my medical problems. Ha! They obviously don't know me when i'm on a mission... or on a quest. :P The chunky one in pink (thanks to the steroids) is me. Now 5km may not seem a lot to some people, but to me it's like running a marathon, as on good days I struggle to walk up a flight of steps. BUT, when Cheeky is on a quest, pain knows no bounds. *g* I have wanted to do this race for a couple of years now, since my dad and my auntie died of cancer. And I finally got the opportunity. Seeing everyone (2000 women participating) and all the reasons they were running (signs on their backs saying whom they are racing for), did make me emotional before the race. But, I held it together, and with the Rocky Theme tune, and Walk a thousand miles blasting away on my stereo, I was determined to finish it, even if it was on my hands and knees. My best time so far had been 1 hour and ten minutes, and that was (I thought) a fluke, because I was pissed off! Lol. So for the last week i've been trying to get the staff to make me angry to get my mojo going. So between that and the whole day before fiasco, I set off. My friend and her mom were running and were going to meet me at the finish line. A few times along the way I did get a bit upset, so many memories, and feelings go through you when you do something like this. But with my dad with me (so to speak) nothing would stop me. As the Rocky theme belted out I finally saw the finish line in my sights, a good friend spurred me on for the last 10 minutes shouting encouragement from the sidelines. Bless his little cotton socks. Finally I saw the 'finish line' banner and my friends waiting to cheer me on. Excited at seeing them I turned round to wave them thanks and tripped over my own two feet! Did I mention that I was a klutz? Recovering in quick style I sprinted towards the finish line to get my medal and much needed water and was overjoyed at my time of 57 minutes!

Surprised and delighted to have actually finished, I couldn't believe how I held it together, that was until my friends came over to tell me how proud my Dad would have been. Hello floodgates! Lol. We hugged for several minutes remembering why we were racing. My friend who had lost her nan, my other friend who had lost her mom, and me losing my Dad and Aunty. As we cheered the last walkers on, we couldn't stop grinning like Cheshire cats. Gasping for liquid refreshments we headed for the pub for ten minutes, until we all began to seize up, and then it was time to say goodbye to each other and have another cry.

I'm apparently being hoodwinked to do a Santa run in December and am expected to beat my time. That should be very interesting! As I sit here typing up my blog, every muscle aches, but it's a good ache if you know what I mean. So with whumping myself today, and a dentist visit on Tuesday *grabs the Valium* It must be whump Cheeky week. So on researching 'quests' it did fortell that I would have to overcome obstacles and the like. Thankfully I didn't have to jump over the fences at Aintree racecourse as part of my quest. ;) But phase II continues for Shirtless Shep. I hope it's all worth it in the end... Oh my I can't believe that came out of my mouth! Ignore me it must be the medication making me normal. :P
*kicks blog*


Linz said...

Awwwwww! Poor you! The credit card thing is so annyoing. The train thing typical, but thank goodness the bus driver took pity on you! There ARE some decent people in the world after all. Nice to know...

Well done on completing the race! You look fabby, and really well, especially considering what you had to do! I think I'd be asleep on the ground if I'd done it! Lol!

It's especially an incredible achievement with your medical problems, and shows what determination you have. Well, we all know how determined you can be, for shirtless Shep, ahem...but you really, really did good with this quest! You raised a lot of money for cancer research, and did your dad proud. Well done, sweetie. I'm very proud of you! :)

Pocus said...

I hate when there are days that nothing seems to go right. I had one of those memorable days years ago that started with trouble at 6:00 am and ended up at 3:00 am the next morning.

Great job on the race. You made me teary eyed just reading about how emotional it was. I am proud of your determination and stubborn streak that will not let you give up.

Now on to shirtless Shep!