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Part of the reason why I love Stargate Atlantis is that it allows me to expand my brain capacity and think about things. While I love the episodes that just allow me to sit back and relax, I do now and again enjoy a change in pace. Mythology and varying cultures along with SciFi elements is why I tune in each week. The fact that there are so many sexy men on there is just an added bonus. ;o) This week 'Missing' aired and revolved around a more darker story arc than SGA has seen to date. This area of story telling touched on it with Common Ground in Season 3, and this felt like an extension of that general feeling in many ways, such as the will to survive against all odds.
Now I know there have been mixed reviews with this episode for various reasons. Like any character centric episode you'll have people who didn't enjoy the story as much as they miss the team element. I am one of those that need to feel the team's presence in an episode even if the focus is on my favourite character. I think this episode achieved that more than Travelers did, although I have a tendency to be like Oliver Twist and want more. The team elements for me were balanced just right in Tabula Rasa, but did those 'missing elements' stop me from enjoying the ep with Teyla and Doc Keller as the main focus? Nope, not at all. In fact the episode left me with a feeling that there were more questions than answers. Not everything was tied up into a nice little package and it left things to the viewers imagination. It certainly felt as if this episode spawned several small story arcs that will hopefully enlighten us in the coming episodes.

The premise was set with Teyla and the Doc heading off world, series of events take a nasty turn and the two women have to literally kill or be killed from a nomadic cannibalistic race after a visit to Teyla's Athosian family go missing. Given what has happened, Teyla's survival skills kick into place and she heads for the dark side, turning her fear and uncertainty into something much darker. The doc, who is so much like a female version of McKay (that it's scary), LOL, doesn't feel as if she's up to the challenge. I have to say that there were times when I felt she need a good slap upside the head on occasions. Thankfully though she stepped up to the plate when it became necessary and we got to see some very nice bonding scenes between the two very different women, not to mention the creation of a new enemy, the Bola Kai and some very nice kick ass fight scenes. That along with the use of cat and mouse games throughout the 42 minutes made this a very enjoyable episode.

Towards the end of the episode we see Teyla talking to Sheppard, and that one particular scene felt as if something was brewing just under the surface for Teyla. Something that will not doubt have an impact on her actions in future eps, not to mention that there could be some serious issues between her and the team. I got the sense (whether i'm right or not) that Sheppard for once didn't know what to say to Teyla. With her emotions and resolute at finding her people spiralling out of control, I do think that it left Shep uncertain on what to say to her. It's his way to bury his emotions and feelings about certain aspects of his darker side, but it's not hers. So I look forward to where this takes us.

Oh my i'm rambling again... so, what were my favourite parts?
  • Girl Bonding
  • Teyla's turn to the dark side
  • Kick ass fight scenes
  • New primitive bad guys
  • Insight into Teyla and Doc K's past
  • Athosian history and culture
  • Boys coming to the rescue
  • Shep in fight mode
  • Great scenery and lighting
  • Thought provoking storyline
  • Set up of future arc's

Phew i've actually said more than I planned! Did I not say it was thought provoking at the start? Hopefully next week we'll see the return of lots o team moments in 'The Seer'! With the return of the Common Ground Wraith that fed on Shep! Oooh the angst potential it could bring. I really hope that the writers do justice with this one and don't do a repeat of.... that Irresponsible ep!! *growls*

You know one of these days blogger will actually start to like me again, and not screw up the formatting so I have to go back in several times and fix it! If any one has any solutions, please let me know. ;o)

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Pocus said...

I really liked this ep. I liked the fact that there were so many close calls, but also that they were caught and had some interaction with the bad guys. Loved the layers of feeling that were in place.

Keller knows she is a wimp and knows she shouldn't be. She signed up for "all of it" even though she didn't know what that meant. She hated the fact that she knew what she had to do but was to afraid to do it.

Teyla showed her great leadership skills by telling Keller what must be done and then by not forcing her to do it. She knew it had to be a personal choice to do the right thing. It is a better lesson learned that way.

The boys came at the end but, you know, the girls did ok by themselves. They did need the help but mainly because they were up against so many, not because they were helpless nail biters.