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Well, it looks as if someone's spidysense is working well for them! In this weeks episode of Stargate Atlantis, The Seer. The team got a taste of their possible future... or demise, as this week the team encountered a 'Seer' whose accurate predication's makes him a valuable asset to the Atlantis team. The problem is, he's dying, and there are a few things he needs to tell the team before he dies. That, coupled with the fact that the CG Wraith is back *squee* made this an excellent 42 minutes of pure entertainment.

What fascinates me about predicting futures is probably the same as other people's thoughts. Are our lives mapped out already or are we able to chose our own paths? These are the sort of questions, that I like shows to delve into. I asked a question on the whump thread about this episode as I don't know why I thoroughly enjoyed it, I simply did. S4 has been very much like a tapestry and each episode the threads become interwoven; building up slowly until the viewers will finally get to see the full picture.

One thing i've always commented on is the fact that at times SGA doesn't always follow up on things. But, I have to say, this ep had continuity in abundance. The CG wraith initially appeared in S3's Common ground, and the tentative alliance he built up with Sheppard was an integral part of the story. The events surrounding that episode resulted in both man making a pact of sorts, in that 'All bets are off', if or when they ever met up again. So for me this was one ep I was looking forward to. I'll admit I had reservations, particularly as I didn't want the ep to go down an 'Irresponsible' route. ;) And you know what? This episode blew me away. We had angst, mistrust and an uneasy tentative alliance, with both sides. I adored the fact that even though Sheppard and the wraith shared that common ground before, that here and now the circumstances were very different and the two men reverted back to the same uneasiness that we felt initially in Common Ground. I loved it. But then I am a sucker for angst, mistrust and tension type of episodes. ;o)

There was so much information and build ups in this ep, that I had to watch it several times to get the full impact. Yes, that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it. :P I'll be honest, I was worried about Carter coming over from SG1 (even though i've always liked the character). I felt that now that SG1 had finished that TPTB felt some kind of loyalty to the actors, which is understandable. I didn't however want SGA to always be reliant on it's sister show. I wanted it to stand on it's own two feet and do well on its own merits, and there are times when I still think it's overshadowed by its sister show, even now that SG1 is off the air. People will always make comparisons. However after the episodes that have aired thus far, i'm hoping that people will realise that it's a different type of show. The content is darker, the story lines (personally) feel stronger, more so recently. And I hope it goes from strength to strength. With that said with the viewing figures dipping I do wonder if Season 5 is the last. I hope not, but my spideysense continuously tingles on this issue. And i've not been wrong so far. :( Anyway I digress!


So, with the team being shown possible futures, Carter had several tough decisions to make based on the visions shown. One in particular related to the potential destruction of Atlantis. Given the arrival of the CG Wraith and his pose, it was understandable that they perceived the two to be connected in some way. So the dilemma was, after seeing the vision and arrival of two hive ships, do they play safe or do they go with their instincts? I won't spoil it for you. Suffice to say, I think this episode left more unanswered questions that will hopefully be revealed in the coming weeks!! Darn it!

So what did I love? I'll try and be succinct, this could be a first. :P

  • CG Wraith and his humour. *g*
  • Shep and the CG Wraith (that really doesn't get old). :o)
  • Angst, tension and mistrust throughout
  • Shep and Carter scenes showing a lot of respect for each other.
  • Rodney and Shep scene *sniff*
  • Continuity with Teyla and the Athosians
  • Tentative alliance with the Wraith
  • Great story and SFX
  • Lots of unanswered questions. (What? I like it when things aren't nicely squared away). :P
Alas we're not going to find out the answers for a few more weeks. Dagnabit! But, hopefully we'll get to know in time how things tie up. In the meantime it means that we get to speculate to our hearts content. :o)

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Pocus said...

I am a bit behind on your blog!!

I loved the Seer. I love seeing how "the future" is dealt with. Is it unavoidable and the things we do to change the outcome actually cause what we are trying to change or can we create our own destiny through our choices. I do like eps that leave you thinking about them for a while.