Thursday, 3 May 2007

Boobs, Basking and Short shorts

Chatterboxes are prevalent in our office, and that's how we like it. The work can be stress full, so a little humour goes a long way. My boss is the complete opposite to me and my co-manager in terms of management style. While I don't necessarily agree with him all the time, I do follow his orders like any good employee, but it doesn't mean that I can't have a little bit of fun along the way. :o)

I'll hold my hand up and say that I am one of those people that can be a little irreverent and er...cheeky shall we say, and have on a couple of occasions got on my bosses nerves. I can assure you, I don't mean to be pedantic, but sometimes I just can't help myself; especially when it involves unusual orders about clothing attire in the summer months. Coincidentally we were discussing boobs, bra sizes and the like over the whump thread, (don't ask) ;o). So I had to laugh at the timing of an email received today from senior management. Apparently, our PTB have decided that they have nothing better to do than dictate to us how we should dress in the up and coming Summer months. While i'm all for professionalism and the need to look smart in front of clients, I... struggle, shall we say about dictating what a person should and shouldn't wear. It should be noted though, that when in the office we are normally a little more casual than most places, but not overtly so. But I was surprised to find in my inbox an email relating to dress attire in the up and coming months, and the importance of my co-manager and I to enforce and embrace these changes.

It does make me wonder what on Earth 'the powers that be' were thinking when they came up with this lil gem, and I had to giggle very inappropriately at their choice of wording. Suffice to say that staff would from this point forward, not be allowed to wear clothes that were classed as 'revealing'. My staff have dirty minds, and have the pen chance for being quite vocal...I have no idea where they get this from! ;) But I like those qualities in people, for me it just means they're passionate. So given this, I knew from the onset that questions would be asked regarding what would be classed as 'revealing', and surprisingly enough, this 'request' from management was not just for the ladies of the team.

So with this in mind, I discussed the email in great lengths with my co-manager. After working together for nearly seven years, we tend to know how each other thinks, and it has to be said that we are like an old married couple. We have our ups and downs, but 99% of the team we're on the same wavelength and this time was no exception. So we began discussing how to make our manager squirm... he's not very comfortable discussing body parts, which we find hilarious. So with that, we felt it necessary to commence 'operation squirm'.

Walking over to his office I sat down, and with all seriousness I said, "We need to talk." A shocked expression befell him at my unusually solemn appearance. Concerned, he asked me if this was a personal matter, of which I informed him it wasn't. The relief that washed over his face was nearly enough to make me drop the facade...nearly! ;o) Asking what the problem was, I informed him that my concerns related to the email he sent out regarding clothing attire, and that I needed clarification on a few things. Trying to keep a straight face, I watched him begin to shift uncomfortably in his seat. This was going to be fun.

"Just what do you mean by revealing? Are you talking about boobs, cleavage, too short shorts?" I asked him in my own subtle way.

"Use your discretion," he told me a little too quickly as if not wanting to have this conversation with me. You'd think he'd realise by now that that word isn't in my vocabulary. ;o) Then without warning he got up from his seat saying that he had forgotten that he had an urgent meeting and was sorry to end our 'little chat' so abruptly... was it something I said? *puts on her most innocent expression* Oh well, there's always Monday. ;o)

So for me, if the boys want to do a diet coke break in the office ala Jason Mamoa style, my boss would probably have a coronary. But as my boss has now left things to my discretion, I imagine the 'diet coke breaks' will be starting as from Monday! ;o)

Now if only Joe M can get Joe Flanigan to do a diet coke break ad..... shirt off, hot, sweaty and basking in the sun or ala Jason Mamoa style, complete with pictures I might add...

*waves to the gutter*

*dives in*



Linz said...

Oh my God! I laughed myself senseless at your blog entry. How you kept a straight face when talking to your boss is beyond me.

You are sooo cheeky, but I bet you're the most fun boss in the world!

Now, about revealing attire? Did you ever get to the bottom, hehe, of what that meant? ;)

Listy said...

LMAO too funny, sounds like a fun day at work.

OMG JF doing a diet coke break :D

Tristen said...

LOL!!! That's so funny! I can just see the look on your boss's face, and you and your co-manager conspiring against him! *giggles*

I agree with Linz, you must be the most fun boss in the world! :oD

Pocus said...


Lorr said...

Can I come work for you?????

My PsTB do not get my dry sense of humor, or even if it is not so dry, or the delivery thereof. It's very depressing at times.

Anonymous said...

This was really interesting. I loved reading it