Friday, 18 May 2007

Playing catch up

I know, I call myself a fan and can't even keep up with reviewing SGA alongside the US *hangs head in shame* Maybe subconsciously I didn't want to trash my favourite TV programme and that's what stopped me from writing my thoughts? Hmmm. No, in all fairness it wasn't that bad, but for me it just lacked a certain je nais c'est qua.

The stage was set with the team in the commissary. McKay was trying to get his team to think long and hard about an ethics question, the more common of which is, who would you save? One member of your family or a thousand strangers. Great character moments there for all of the team, and it kind of let us see how their minds worked. People have been delving into this for years trying to ascertain how someones mind works by answering those types of questions. And as i've said before, while i'm all for learning what makes people tick. Personally I don't think it's a question that can be answered until that person has to face that scenario. We all say in the midst of discussion, 'Oh there's no contest' it would be the thousand strangers. Really? When confronted with this kind of ethical question, we have the luxury of time to sit and analyze (to death usually) ;) every single scenario of how we would react. When in reality a lot of people in those situations rely on instincts... But with that said, if they really don't like the family member, then I guess it's not that hard a decision to make. :P
Anyway I digress...again!

Back to Atlantis. So in 'The Game' it's very much a Shep/McKay episode with Teyla and Ronon 'tagged on'. I do love my Shep/McKay banter, don't get me wrong. And after watching this ep, it definitely feels like Sheppard and McKay are siblings, lol. I was just a tad disgruntled with how the ep turned out. For me I was bored, there didn't seem to be the angst or the jeopardy that has become embedded in SGA on a regular basis. So for me, I didn't enjoy this ep as much as I had hoped. I love the action, and the perilous situations our team gets themselves into on a regular basis. This, though was very much a light-hearted fluffy type of ep without much 'consequence' and so for me, alas it fell a bit flat. Sorry.
What I did enjoy;
  • Commissary scene
  • McKay/Shep sibling rivalry

  • Weir telling the boys off, and their not taking it seriously. (Loved Shep pulling a face at Rodney) *giggles*
  • Shep sending a crate of lemons to Geldar
  • Baden and whats-her-face acting like McKay and Shep (See what I mean about the ep holding my attention, lol) Sorry to the actress.
  • Lorne and Zelenka fighting
  • Ronon and McKay working together. (Tangent note: Ooh and I notice that Ronon isn't wearing his wraith finger anymore. Could this possibly be because McKay healed Ronon's runner wounds and as such 'healed' Ronon's issues as a runner?)
So there ya have it. Short, sweet and straight to the point... *looks at the long winded post* Well, nearly. :o)

This week we have Ken C's ep '"The Ark" shown the other tonight in the US. What I found interesting is that SGA seems to be putting in certain subtle threads along the way. Such as in ToR we have Rodney and Ronon bonding, and in the next ep, we have them working together. Then we have this weeks dilemma of 'saving one member of your family or one thousand strangers' which was nicely picked up from 'The Game'. Now whether this was supposed to work out like that or it was just happenstance, we might never know, but I have enjoyed these consistent elements. It shows the writers are picking up the threads and tying them in. Nice.
I enjoyed the Ark for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it had Shep with a blow torch... and let's face it, a man with a blow torch is very sexy! Shallow, but true :o)
What interested me the most, is the unique situation that Sheppard and the team were put into with regards saving Teyla. It was clear from the onset that it was a 'no brainer'. Even though it was technically a suicide mission, Sheppard couldn't leave Teyla behind, because it goes against everything that he is. I do wonder where this sense of camaraderie comes from, and hope it is explored further on down the line.
I also enjoyed the fact that in this ep, Sheppard and McKay were separated for the most part, yet were still able to keep the banter that fans love. It just goes to show, that both do not always need to be joined at the hip to maintain that aspect of the show, which people love.
There were a few things that I enjoyed this ep, but I promise to keep them brief. Yeah for Rachel getting some good dialogue.
Okay so what did I love?
  • McKay's 'Time for the how screwed we are report'
  • Ronon and Shep whump and fight to the death :o)
  • Teyla's scenes
  • Ronon's little revelation about claustrophobia
  • McKay telling Shep not to go on the suicide mission
  • McKay explaining to Lorne that they don't leave anyone behind.
  • Sheppard with the blow torch. *has a fangirl moment*
  • Infirmary scene
Okay, so i've rambled on long enough, next week it's Sunday *sniff*