Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Murphy's Law

It's apparently one of the more constants in the universe, 'whatever can go wrong, will go wrong'. While i'm more than inclined to think that I make my own destiny rather than it be set out for me. I have to say after yesterdays, not so good, very crappy, bad day... the Murphy's Law thing applied in spades. But as i've always said, when life kicks you in the ass, kick back.

Families and friends are great for picking you up when you fall down now and again and I've always wondered if they appreciated how much a difference they realise they make? So with those thoughts prevalent this week, I decided to watch some fluffy Stargate Atlantis in advance of the airing in the US. And this weeks ep is all about, family, friendship and feeling the luff! Coincidence? I think not :o)

Tao of Rodney is for me one of the best eps of the latter half of season. I know a few people thought the episode involved too much Rodney, but not for me. I love his snarcastic attitude that we see on a regular basis. But there are times however, when events take a turn for the worse and we see a different side of someone; the vulnerable side. It's not normally a side we see of McKay, but this episode reflects how much he cares for his team, and they in turn care for him. Those great little bonding moments showed us just how far McKay has come in the last few years. His 'mask', which he wears as a shield has protected him from showing how he feels. Whether this comes from some deep childhood trauma in which he was hurt by someone, we might never know. But gradually over the course of the episode, we see his 'mask' slowly slipping. He allows his friends to see the gentler side of McKay and for me it's very endearing. Up until this point we knew so little about our characters insecurities, so it was nice to see a brief glimpse into what makes our characters so loveable.

If I went into detail about what I loved about this ep, i'd be here all day. :o) Suffice to say, there were a lot of great insights, not only for McKay, but we also had the opportunity of seeing what mattered to most of the team. I say most, because we still didn't see what was on Sheppard's mind. Shame on you PTB for not giving us a hint! Anyway I digress...

My favourite parts were the character moments, and Rodney's attempts to make a difference before he died;

  • McKay approaching Zelenka and telling him that he respected him and apologising for being snarky.
  • McKay hugging Ronon to heal his scars, and Ronon patting him on the back (not knowing what he was doing).
  • Ronon's reaction to McKay when he tells him that the scars are healed. *sniff*
  • The memorial tea ceremony with Teyla and Rodney serving her.
  • McKay and Elizabeth moment when Rodney called her on saying she loved him *giggle*
  • Everyone at his bedside telling him they luffed him *sniff* with Carson feeling guilty he couldn't help his friend.

Saving the best for last :o)

  • Sheppard teaching McKay how to meditate and McKay finally admitting to Sheppard that he didn't know how to be himself. So simple, yet so effective.

Although i'm more of an action girl, and like to see our Heroes kick ass on a regular basis. Every now and then it's important to sit back and reflect at how far our characters have come, and the effect their presence has had on other people, and it's something i'd like to see built on with all the characters. Not just in terms of character development, but to show that when push comes to shove, that their life and subsequent actions has made a difference to someone elses. And that those feelings are reciprocated. The last thing i'd like to see is the show getting all mushy on a regular basis, but if it's a choice between choosing an action ep, or a fluffy ep, like this. Then, to be honest i'd take either. With that said though, i'm more likely to favour the ep that has hot, sweaty and nekkid Shep any day of the week. And if that means our wonderfully heroic character has to die for us to see that, then i'm fine with that... on the proviso that McKay saves him at the last minute ;o) So then we can have a nice little infirmary scene at the end. Well, turnabout is fair play after all :o)


Pocus said...

Great thoughts again!

I also like the action shows best but feel that a cerebral/emotional show lets us get in touch with a whole different side of our characters. Quiet moments or times of non-action stress allow us a glimpse inside of the character that would not show when they are running for their life or fighting to the death. We might get to hear about goals longed for or past experiences (happy and sad). I feel it allows a well-rounded, whole person to evolve and not become a flat caricature of a hero.

By the way, let's just see if you can work nekkid Shep into every blog. I bet you can easily!

Lorr said...

I've seen only parts of Tao. While admitedly not always a fan of McKay's chewing up the scenery, I do love the character almost as much as Sheppard. I have a close friend that could be the model for him.

I love what you wrote about the episode and McKay. The side that is just a human being with all the feelings that he does not know how to express is not allowed out too oten and is all the more precious when it is.

Good post. Thanks for talking about it, Sweetie! We do tend to forget!

Matrika said...

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