Monday, 14 May 2007

Patience is a virtue.

They say that when on a quest, one apparently has to overcome many obstacles that crosses their paths. The journey, so i'm told, can involve the person being tested to their limit. Or involve overcoming certain obstacles, thus building their character, along with, (I hope) enjoying little adventures en route. Oh how true that is. I think today was such a test...of my patience. Given the long journey ahead, I envisaged that this would be the first barrier I would have to overcome, and i'm sure my patience will continue to be tested for many months to come.

Oh before I start, you might want to go and grab yourself a cup of coffee as i've gone off on a tangent again!

You'll be pleased to hear that the girl in our 'office', seems to have quietened down. So much so we don't hear a peep from her these days. I wonder if she was also on a quest? I sincerely hope if that is the case, that her own quest in finding her conscience, has been successful. I can only hope that I to can be as successful as her. ;o)

So, as for my quest, today's lesson revolved around patience. Work has been whumping the crap out of me, and will be for the foreseeable future. My boss has decided that even though we have ten times more work to deal with than any of the other ten departments, that I can carry the load all by my lonesome. He has, in his infinite wisdom decided to take away one of my staff who assists me with the day to day running of the business. Subsequently, that person has now been transferred elsewhere. Nice! This must be payback for the whole 'clothing attire' business. So, given the amount of work to be done, I asked him (as diplomatically as I possibly could) if he wanted to stick a broom up my ass, so that I could sweep the floor as well... ;o) He simply rolled his eyes, telling me that i'm being overly dramatic again... Now I wonder where he gets that idea from. *cough*

Moving swiftly on...

So as my staff member has now left *sigh* and in such a short space of time i've had everyone and their mother come and see me today, or people phoning me.... every two minutes. It's got to the stage where people are even queuing at my desk! I'm thinking of getting one of those machines they have in the supermarket. You know the ones I mean, where they grab a ticket and wait until their number is called... it could come in handy. ;o)

So as the quest for shirtless Shep comes ever closer to fruition, *cough*in my dreams *cough* I've been attempting to go a different route to spice things up a bit. And I have to say i've had lots of fun with it along the way :o) As some of you know, Zach (from attack of the show) is quite the fan of Stargate Atlantis. So much so, that he wrote a lil rap number and posted it onto you tube. Great video and lyrics, and quite catchy. To cut a long story short, (don't die of shock, I do short occasionaly) ;o), he begged to get a bit part on Stargate and succeeded. With a trip to the set, David Hewlett obviously wanted to get in on the act and in response to Zach's rap, came up with his own little ditty and a hilarious shuffle step, which was subsequently leaked ;) on to you tube. In response to the leak, David sent a heartfelt apology to his fans. *sniff* Tissue anyone?

As i've always loved poetry, and the whumping crew were losing their squee (due to the long wait of S4), I decided to spice things up a lil bit, and did my own rap...sorta, but you'll be pleased to hear it hasn't been posted on to you tube. Instead I posted it to Joe's blog. Poor Joe, he does suffer for his craft ;o) But, in my defence, a quest cannot be interrupted once it has begun. So i'm very sorry Joe, you might have to suffer a little longer :o) Anyway, as you can imagine, being an extremely serious individual, and not wanting to embarrass myself or my long-suffering family in public, there was no mention of hot, sweaty or shirtless Shep at all...not even one line.


Before I leave you for the night, I would just like to say this one thing if I may. For the long suffering readers of Joe's blog, and in the words of David Hewlett... I offer this heartfelt apology.

I sincerely apologise for my actions. Not just to those who have had to endure my ramblings on Joe's blog, but to everyone I have offended with talk of hot, sweaty and semi nekkid Shep. *waves to anon* Please believe me when I say, I have no idea what came over me when I wrote the 'rap' lyrics. I just hope that you can forgive my actions. I say this to you now because I had so much fun, I shall be repeating the torment until my quest has been successful. :o)

And maybe next time there might be a lil rap video for you.... *shakes head at the thought of how bad this could be* Remind me again why I even contemplate doing these things?

*thinks about Shep's chest to get her through this part of the quest*

Will it bring me one step further in my quest? One can only hope! And if Joe, thinks I should go forth, then all hope is not lost ;o)

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Linz said...

I always enjoy reading your thoughts. Poo to your boss for taking away your assistant. Hmmm, a broom up his backside sounds like the answer to me!

Ah, the quest. It's the only thing making me smile right now. So, fight the good fight, and I'll be there right by you, or cowering behind you!

What would us whumpers do without you? We'd be bored and miserable, that's what.


We so will get Wolf to invite Joe. Stupid sods... :(