Friday, 11 May 2007


*hangs head in shame* I've been kinda remiss about updating my blog...i'm sorry, but it's really not my fault, work is extremely busy at the moment. Personally, I think my manager is secretly keeping me busy to stop us having our 'little chat'. Which is fine...I can wait for the right moment. Teasing has no time limits and neither do quests.. :o)


It started out like any other day, tantrums in the post room; lots of 'staff' airing their grievances about some changes 'management' were making. And to be honest it did get on my nerves a bit. All that constant bickering about who was flirting with who in the 'office'. Some people didn't want anyone flirting/dating and pairing off at all, (if it ever got to that stage), yet some were determined to see their favourite couple get together. I don't have to tell you what office politics are like, so I'll leave it up to your fertile imaginations. Anyway, I wasn't too sure if the boss was getting a bit ticked off with the constant bickering, but one never knows, he's elusive like that and lays his cards very close to his chest. *tries not to think of a certain person's chest*

No, not the 'boss' get your dirty minds out the gutter!

Are your minds out the gutter? Yes? Shall I continue? So, my gut instincts tell me that he is quite happy for us to handle things ourselves, most of the time. But! I have to say, he did surprise me slightly by intervening.... sort of. So subsequently things quietened down and everyone was back on track discussing what they had for lunch, who they saw at work and what their plans were for the fall; I expected it to last at least a week. Silly me, how wrong could I have been. It was the calm before the storm... okay so i'm being overly dramatic again, but c'mon you lot expect this now ;o)

Anyway where was I? Oh yes, calm before the storm. Things were going great until a new person joined us in the post room. For some reason, known only to her, she became insanely jealous of us. Not all of us mind you, just a select few. Now at first I simply shook my head at her misgivings, and really, people like that are just out to cause some kind of trouble. So I laughed with the others, but unfortunately.... *cough* this person... I tell you what, to protect her identity i'll call her, Anon. ;)

Anyway, Anon started attacking my friends, and just so you know, I can't stand by and watch this sort of thing... my eye starts twitching and really, it's not pretty. :p So, myself and a few others rallied round our friends, trying to be supportive in our own tactful way and she backed off for a short time. Sometimes, simply by standing up to them, makes them lose their 'edge'... sometimes. ;o) With that period of grace, it allowed me to reflect why she was like that. Was it some deep seated fear within her, a touch of insecurity, or was she just a bit nuts? So never one to back down from a challenge. I sought the help of some friends. We got together and had a discussion of why people are like that, and what it was that drives them forward. Usually though feelings like that can bring emotions of past hurt to the surface and I did wonder if I was stirring up more trouble by suggesting a 'get together' so to speak :D. As the meeting gathered momentum, people from other departments joined in and we had a nice long chat. It was just like therapy only cheaper ;)

So that is where my quest began...and not a shirtless Shep in sight.

Oh right, that's part II ;)


Linzi said...

You know, are you sure you weren't a psychologist in a former life? Your observations seem so close to home sometimes. It's as if I've lived your situation too. As if I've been experiencing something similar, right here, right now. How uncanny is that? I swear, sometimes, you're inside our heads!

I enjoy your observations of life so much, Cheeky. You are so very wise, and always make me take a step back, and look at things differently.

You know what? I can't wait for you to tease your boss...I do hope you'll tell all? ;)

Keep up the good quest, Cheeky. You never, know, you might actually succeed! :)

Pocus said...

You are so subtle. I love it!!!!

I do wish people could just get along and let others have their own fun. As long as they aren't hurting anyone in any way that is. Your thread at GW brought out some great discussion and I hope it got some people to think that maybe we aren't so different just because we like different things.

Keep up your Quest! We will all cheer with your success!